Sabrina Shaver

Good luck to those competing at National FFA Convention!

Blog Post created by Sabrina Shaver on Oct 25, 2019

As the National FFA Convention rounds the corner we continue to prepare for our travels. Whether you are taking students to indulge in the great event or are taking students to compete on this prestigious level, you will see your students grow, both personally, competitively and professionally. Across the country CASE certified teachers are helping their students prepare for this week and we’d like to showcase how their CASE certification has helped in guiding these students.


Ms. Alicia Schmidt, from the Mt. Vernon Agriculture Department in Indiana, students will present research on how the general public views technology in agriculture. Schmidt, CASE certified in ANFR, ASA, NRE, FSS, APT and ARD, has been able to utilize her certifications to inspire and spark passion in her students.


“Talk to your science teachers, talk to your local businesses, ask your students if there is something that they would like to see change and then have them start working on a research question. Just jump in!” said Schmidt. She encourages anyone to get involved with the Agriscience Fair if there is an interest.


Another CASE certified teacher with students competing in the Agriscience Fair is Rachel Scior from Westfall High School in Ohio. Scior is CASE certified in AFNR, ASA and ABF and has students presenting a project in Power, Structural and Technical Systems on Water Energy.


“I feel that the inquiry [-based instructional] model and hands on labs in CASE help students to develop high quality research,” said Scior. 


We wish all students the best of luck in this coming week and look forward to the growth they will experience next week and in successive weeks in classrooms nationwide