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Welcome Nancy!

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Jan 17, 2019

This is a feature from the January 2019 edition of NAAE’s News & Views Newsletter. To read News & Views in its entirety, please visit this link.


We are happy to announce that Nancy Trivette has joined the team as the new Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE) Project Director.


She recently retired as the New Jersey CASE State Leader and Program Leader for Agricultural Education at the New Jersey Department of Agriculture. She also served as the New Jersey State FFA Advisor.


Trivette has been a part of the CASE Advisory Committee since 2007 and has chaired the CASE Executive Committee throughout the last 10 years. We are very excited to have her on staff and look forward to the great contributions she will add to the CASE initiative.


Here is a brief Q&A to help you get to know Nancy a little bit better:


Q: How many years have you been involved in agricultural education?
A: I have been involved in agricultural education for 35 years. I retired from the state of New Jersey, Department of Agriculture on December 31, 2018. 


Q: What roles have you served in agricultural education?
A: I spent the majority of my career in a state staff position, first as FFA Specialist starting in 1983, and then as State Program Leader for Agricultural Education since 1999. Both of those positions provided me the opportunity to work with state officers as FFA Executive Secretary and as State FFA Advisor. Being State Program Leader has connected me to agriculture teachers, school administrators and post-secondary faculty. I have also been the CASE State Leader for New Jersey since CASE’s inception in 2007. In addition to my state roles, I have had the awesome opportunity to serve on several national boards, including the National FFA Board of Directors, National FFA Board of Trustees, National FFA Alumni Council, National Association of Supervisors of Agricultural Education, and the National Council for Agricultural Education. I have served on the National CASE Advisory Committee, and chaired the Executive Committee. I am currently serving as the President-Elect of the Association of Career and Technical Education (ACTE).


Q: Why is CASE important to you?
A: In my opinion, CASE has been the most impactful program for agricultural education teachers, students, and school districts in my 35 years because of its intense professional development, curriculum that is directly connected to current and future business and industry needs, and its assessment components that allow teachers, schools, and others to evaluate learning. Additionally, because CASE is STEM-based and academically rigorous, some postsecondary institutions offer college credit for high school courses. This is a true program of study model. 


Q: What goals do you have for the CASE initiative?
A: My goals include strengthening CASE connections with all aspects and partners of agricultural education to create a greater awareness of CASE, stay connected to industry innovations, and to serve a broad-based agriculture, food and natural resources industry. I hope to further develop and build partnerships with education entities from middle school to post-secondary education. I also plan to promote CASE’s outstanding teacher professional development, inquiry/STEM-based curriculum, assessment tools, and potential for college credit to new and expanded audiences.


Q: What are you looking forward to most about working with the CASE and NAAE staff?
A: I am very excited about the potential to collaborate among all aspects of our profession. I especially think there is room to expand our thinking and gain greater results by bringing together all team players at NAAE. I hope this will also include FFA when appropriate. This type of collaboration will help CASE grow. Working with programs like Teach Ag and others, we can all impact our teacher supply, diversity of students and teachers, and increase quality programs.


Q: What is your favorite hobby?
A: I have been passionate about running and biking over the last decade. I usually start my day with some form of exercise. It helps me process my thoughts and prepare for my day. I am always happiest when I return from a run or a ride.


Q: What inspires you?
A:  I get inspired when I can help people succeed. Whether it is students, teachers, administrators, or other colleagues, I love to help them see the possibilities for future growth. 


Q: Where is your dream vacation location?
A: My dream vacation is anywhere I travel with my husband. As long as I am traveling with him, I am happy. I’d love to travel back to Japan. It is a beautiful country with beautiful people. 


Q: List the top five reasons to support agricultural education.
A: 1. Outstanding job prospects in the industry and in the profession of agricultural education.
     2. Agricultural education professionals work with many outstanding young people excited to learn
         and try new things.
     3. Agricultural education helps young people prepare for future careers.
     4. Agricultural education has a proven record of success through the delivery of a three-component
          model (class/lab instruction, experienced-based education, and leadership development
          through programs like FFA at the secondary level).
     5. Agricultural education and FFA are respected by business and industry.


Q: Why should agriculture teachers attend a CASE Institute?
A: CASE Institutes offer intense, quality professional development that is often unmatched by any other professional development they may have received. CASE Institutes offer teachers a network of  colleagues that provide support and feedback for CASE, FFA, or many other aspects of agricultural education. When I was on state staff, I often had teachers contact me, either during the CI, or on their way home, asking how they can get connected for another course. Some may start out a little intimidated with the training, but they leave knowing they have powerful tools available to them and their students that will enhance learning. 


Again, we are so very excited and looking forward to Nancy Trivette being a part of our team and the great plans she has for CASE. Welcome Nancy!