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Touchet Middle and High School Teacher Named CASE Innovation Award Winner

Blog Post created by Victoria Hamilton on Dec 18, 2018

Outstanding Teacher Uses Innovative Ways to Improve and Showcase STEM in Agriculture


SAN ANTONIO, Tx., November 29, 2018 – Mr. Ryan Maiden, agriculture instructor at Touchet Middle and High Schools in Washington, received the CASE Innovative Award. The CASE Innovation Award highlights a creative classroom and teaching approach as CASE certified teachers implement and promote CASE. Mr. Maiden incorporates interactive agriscience notebooks to enhance the learning environment of his classroom by keeping students engaged in all subjects. He uses AVID strategies and Cornell Notes to appeal to all styles of learners. His interactive agriscience notebooks and innovative teaching strategies keep students’ engaged and their work organized.  

Mr. Maiden facilitates professional development as a CASE Lead Teacher and is implementing CASE pathways at his school. Currently, Mr. Maiden teaches Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, Principles of Agricultural Science – Animal, Principles of Agricultural Science – Plant, Natural Resources and Ecology, Animal and Plant Biotechnology, and Environmental Science Issues. His program also offers 7th and 8th graders the opportunity to explore agriculture.

Along with receiving his award during the National Association of Agricultural Educators Convention, Mr. Maiden was invited to present a workshop at the National Association of Agricultural Educators’ annual convention. The workshop focused on how to build a rigorous program of study for students, as well as how to incorporate interactive notebooks and other innovative ideas into the classroom. The entire award prize pack included $1,000 worth of science equipment sponsored by Vernier Software & Technology, registration to the National Association of Agricultural Educators convention, and a $500 travel stipend.

Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE)
is an ambitious project started by the National Council for Agricultural Education in 2007 and is managed by the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE). The primary goal of CASE is to implement a national curriculum for secondary agricultural education programs that provides high-level educational experiences to enhance the rigor and relevance of agriculture, food, and natural resources (AFNR) subject matter for students. Besides elevating the rigor of AFNR knowledge and skills, CASE provides purposeful enhancement of science, mathematics, and English language understanding.

CASE develops curriculum utilizing science inquiry for lesson foundation and concepts are taught using activity-, project-, and problem-base instructional strategies. In addition to the curriculum aspect of CASE, the project ensures quality teaching by providing extensive professional development for teachers that leads to certification. For additional information about CASE, please visit