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This is a feature from the May 2018 edition of NAAE’s News & Views Newsletter. To read News & Views in its entirety, please visit this link


This year the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE), on behalf of the Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE) initiative, is pleased to announce the 2018 CASE Pathway Adoption Grant Program. Funding for this program was provided by a USDA Professional Development Opportunity for Secondary School Teachers (PD-STEP) grant.


This grant program is a two-year opportunity that will provide a select cohort of teachers the opportunity to be trained to implement the complete CASE Animal or Plant Science Pathway in their agriculture programs. CASE is pleased to announce 22 teachers have been selected for this opportunity.







Congratulations to the following teachers who will be involved in this specialized training:

Clinton Bullock
Beech Grove High School, IN
Susan Krummen
Alta-Aurelia High School, IA
Tiffany Dugan
Northwest High School, MO
Pebbles Lacross
The Sound School, CT
Jamie Gray
Owatonna Senior High School, MN
Ryan Maiden
Touchet School District, WA
Tamra Herschbach
Yerington High School, NV
Jennifer Mason
Grandview High School, WA
Nichole Hirt
Indian River High School, NY
Laura Miller
Junction City High School, KS
Nicki Honan
West Nodaway R-I, MO
Darla Romberger
Cumberland Valley High School, PA
Tiffany Hoy
Tyrone Area High School, PA
Jennifer Russell
Shullsburg Schools, WI
Jacob Hunter
North Scott Community School District, IA
Alicia Schmidt
Mount Vernon Senior High School, IN
Andrea Kirby
Bryan Station Middle School, KY
Alan Spencer
Red Oak High School, IA
Joshua Krieg
Goldendale High School, WA
Karen Van De Walle
Sumner Fredericksburg High School, IA
Trish Krug
Dakota JR/SR High School, IL
Lee Wright
Tygarts Valley Middle High School, WV


IMG_5134.jpgThese CASE teachers were selected based upon prior certification in Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) and either Principles of Agricultural Science - Animal (ASA) or Principles of Agricultural Science - Plant (ASP), along with their completion of an application process, detailing the potential educational and financial impact of this grant for their students and program.


Through this grant, the selected teachers are able to attend either the Animal and Plant Biotechnology (APB) or Food Science and Safety (FSS) CASE Institutes this summer, and complete their pathway training with the Agricultural Research and Development (ARD) CASE Institute online either in the fall of 2018 or summer of 2019.


In addition to the registration costs for these courses, the selected teachers will also receive up to 55 CASE Online accounts to use over the next two years for students enrolled in specialization and capstone courses to complete End-of-Course Assessments. They will also receive $500 in Ward’s Science products and a 25% Ward’s Science discount to assist in the implementation of the specialization and capstone CASE courses.


CASE looks forward to working with this cohort of teachers over the next two years to continue to expand CASE pathway offerings and enhance the application of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in the agricultural context. They would also like to thank the USDA PD-STEP grant program for providing this unique opportunity for agriculture teachers across the nation.


For more information about CASE, follow this link.