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This is an article from the January 2018 edition of NAAE’s News & Views Newsletter. To read News & Views in its entirety, please visit this link.


case2.jpgCurriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE) recently released its 2018 CASE Institute schedule. Along with the standard CASE Institutes, this year’s offerings include the addition of four fast track CASE Institute options. These course offerings are a response to the intense summer demands of agriculture teachers.


“From county and state fair participation to summer teachers’ conference and FFA camp not to mention spending quality time with family, we know agriculture teachers have so many commitments pulling for their time,” said Miranda Chaplin, CASE Operations and Outreach Director. “The fast track institute options allow for more flexibility as teachers can complete some of the professional development at a distance.”


Fast track institutes provide teachers with five days of instruction that focus on laboratory experiences, with additional assignments that are completed at a distance before the start of the institute. With the condensed structure of the fast track institutes, teachers are able to spend less time away from home and receive rigorous professional development that dives deep into the instruction portion of the CASE model.


This summer, Principles of Agricultural Science – Animal, Principles of Agricultural Science – Plant, Agriculture Power and Technology, and Natural Resources and Ecology are all available as fast track institutes for teachers with at least one prior CASE certification or the Pedagogical Theory and Implementation (PTI) training.


Bibiana Gifft, agriculture teacher at Baker High School, in Oregon, was a Lead Teacher for the Principles of Agricultural Science – Animal fast track institute last year.


“Teachers in attendance appreciated that more time was dedicated to the labs, so that they were fully-prepared to implement CASE in their classrooms once they returned home,” said Gifft.


Fast track institutes are recommended for teachers who have a strong understanding of the CASE model and would like to focus more on the laboratory activities provided through CASE.


If you are interested in the fast track option, and you qualify to attend, please be aware that pre-institute homework is required. For teachers without previous CASE certification, PTI training must be completed prior to the kickoff of the fast track institute and will also have online coursework. The hours to complete PTI training and a fast track institute will be similar to hours at a standard CASE Institute. Please contact Dan Jansen at for additional information regarding PTI training.


For more information about all of the 2018 CASE Institute offerings, follow this link. Already know which CASE Institute you want to attend? Click here for a direct link to register. Many CASE Institutes’ registrations filled quickly last year, so teachers should be sure to register as soon as they have secured the appropriate funding. Contact CASE Operations and Outreach Director, Miranda Chaplin at, regarding any additional questions.