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Are you interested in enhancing your classroom with STEM? Are you ready for rigorous professional development that will take you and your agriculture program to the next level? Check out this year’s CASE Institute Schedule and make plans to attend one of the numerous institutes available.



Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE) offers engaging opportunities to develop your program and curriculum, while simultaneously growing as a teacher. By adding CASE to your program, you are able to enhance your curriculum with core concepts of science, technology, engineering and mathematics – something administrators are looking for and a great way to advocate for your program. You are also expanding your students’ knowledge beyond the basics of agriculture by highlighting the science in agriculture. Your students will be able to connect what they learn in biology, chemistry and many other classes to real-life concepts that you teach in agricultural education.


CASE is excited to announce several new institute options in 2017, including locations in Alaska, Hawaii, and Nevada. As these opportunities are added to this summer’s line-up, along with familiar CASE Institute locations, teachers can also access the new, streamlined registration process now available on the CASE website. The new process provides teachers with detailed information about each institute as well as easier accessibility to the registration process.


This summer, CASE will also be field testing a Fast Track Principles of Agricultural Science – Animal (ASA) Institute, which will be hosted by Kansas State University. This Fast Track option was developed in response to a perceived need for experienced CASE teachers to earn certification in foundation courses by attending a shortened institute format. Teachers with a minimum of two prior CASE certifications are eligible to apply for this institute.


“Our goal is that the new Fast Track option will allow us to better serve our CASE certified teachers by providing them with more certification options, while acknowledging their current CASE certifications and classroom experience,” said Shari Smith, CASE Professional Development Director.


The Fast Track CASE Institute will be an intense, fast-paced experience requiring pre-institute homework via CASE Online as well as during-institute work. Click here for more information about the Fast Track ASA Institute and the application process. The deadline for Fast Track CASE Institute applications is February 1, 2017 at midnight Central Time. Participation in the Fast Track CASE Institute will be strictly limited to 20 teachers.


For more information about CASE and all of its initiatives, goals and institutes, visit the CASE website.