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Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE) is always looking to improve its resources for agriculture teachers. CASE Online, designed to maximize instruction for both teachers and students, is one of the newest additions to the numerous CASE resources and offerings. An online, paid subscription option for CASE certified teachers, CASE Online offers a systematic, organized alternative for classroom instruction and assessment.


CASE Online offers teachers the ability to spend more time focused on individual student needs in the classroom. For Aaron Geiman, agriculture teacher at Westminster High School in Maryland, it has allowed him to customize each of his students’ learning experiences, while providing them with rigorous curriculum to prepare them for a future in agriculture.


“CASE Online replaced Edmodo for me,” said Geiman. “My students have more access to the curriculum, which is great for students with absences or for parents who want to be more involved in their student’s learning.”


Geiman has been a CASE-supporter since it began in 2009. He currently teaches Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, Principles of Agricultural Sciences – Animal, Principles of Agricultural Sciences – Plant, Animal and Plant Biotechnology, as well as the CASE Capstone course, Agricultural Research and Development. Each of his CASE courses is taught through the use of CASE Online. Not only does it free up his time with lesson planning, it also allows him to go paperless – a time and money-saver.


“Schools are always looking to find ways to cut their paper budgets. CASE Online reduces the need for paper the classroom, which is a great way to help persuade your administrators to fund it for your program,” added Geiman.


Although a fairly new resource, CASE Online is getting ready to further enhance agricultural science education with a new online platform, available for the 2016-17 school year. Developed with extensive feedback from CASE certified teachers, the new platform will provide learners with a collaborative and interactive online learning experience through the use of discussion boards, wikis, blogs and other group tools. There have also been enhancements made to the grade book and assessment features. Teachers now also have access to an attendance tracker and the ability customize the CASE courses within CASE Online to meet the specific needs of their learners.


“Teacher feedback played a significant role in the decision to migrate CASE Online to the new platform, which is better designed to meet these needs,” said Sara Cobb, CASE Online Learning Coordinator. “They expressed a need for CASE Online to be more mobile-friendly and to work more seamlessly across multiple devices such as laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, and smart phones. Additionally, teachers requested a more user-friendly application.”


A sample group of CASE Lead Teachers were able to preview the new platform earlier this year and expressed excitement and anticipation for the new features, mobility, and intuitive nature of the platform The new CASE Online will be available to CASE-certified teachers by the end of the month, at which time CASE will anticipate additional feedback.


For more information on ordering CASE Online, please check out the CASE Online Ordering Guide and order accounts here.