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CASE Grows with the addition of the Food Science and Safety Course

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Mar 27, 2014

Looking to advance, revamp, or just begin your Food Science course? The Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education has added another course to its innovative lineup that will provide exactly what you need to offer an exciting, inquiry-based course for your students.


Food Science and Safety is the latest addition to the growing list of CASE course offerings, and will be offered as a field test this summer. FSS is a specialization level course in the CASE Pathway, meaning it is part of the the third tier of the CASE curriculum. For more information about the different CASE pathways, please see: CASE Pathways \| CASE.

The Food Science and Safety course will give students the opportunity to complete hands-on activities, projects, and problems that simulate actual concepts and situations found in the food science and safety industry. Through these activities, projects and problems, students will build content knowledge and technical skills, including  food safety, quality, chemistry, processing, product development, marketing, and consumer behavior. The course's culminating project will be for students to develop, create, package and market a new food product.

"This is an intensive food science and safety curriculum which covers every facet of the food science industry," said Leslie Fairchild, the writer for the Food Science and Safety Course. "We've taken the age-old food science labs and added rigor to them. We've opened these labs up for student inquiry to make them more student-driven, so that we can increase student engagement."

There will be three field test institutes this summer, all facilitated by Lead Teachers who have played a role in the development of this course. Since Food Science and Safety is a new course, teachers completing the Institute will be required to adhere to additional criteria as they pilot this program in their classrooms. The additional components of the course will provide CASE with data and information to evaluate the course's effectiveness, so that it may be adjusted in following years before it is published.  For this reason, teacher input is highly encouraged and is a major component of the additional criteria required.

The field test institutes will take place at the following locations:

Texas A&M University (College Station High School)

                June 15-26

South Central College, Minnesota

                July 20-31

Rutgers University, New Jersey (Woodstown High School)

                July 27-August 7

Currently, space is still available to participate in a Food Science and Safety field test institute. For more information, or to apply for a Food Science and Safety CASE Field Test Institute, please visit the CASE website at: FSS Field Test Registration


CASE is sponsored by Cargill and General Mills as a special project of the National FFA Foundation.

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