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Ever wanted to start that spark inside a student to succeed? Leslie Fairchild, the newly hired CASE Food Science and Safety curriculum writer, let that passion drive her to a new adventure- writing curriculum instead of just delivering it. Fairchild, who has taught agriculture in central Indiana since 2005, has used the CASE curriculum since she participated in the pilot AFNR course in 2001. She appreciated so much what CASE can do for teachers and students alike that she became a master teacher in 2011. When the position of writer for the Food Science and Safety curriculum became available, it seemed like a natural fit for Fairchild, who always enjoyed teaching food science in her own program. 

The idea of being a bigger part of CASE and one of the people who helps to bring food science into the classroom was something I just couldn't resist," she said.

The CASE Food Science and Safety course is targeted specifically toward high school juniors, with the Introduction to Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR) and Principles of Agricultural Science-Animal (ASA) or Principles of Agricultural Science-Plant (ASP) as prerequisites. The FSS course will provide students hands-on experience in the food science and safety industry, allowing them to broaden their skill set in the agricultural industry.

General Mills, one of the course's sponsors, hosted a development meeting in June in Golden Valley, Minn, at one of their facilities, bringing together 28 of the best and brightest in food science, including industry professionals, and secondary agriculture and food science teachers.  Starting with broad content areas, participants honed in on 80 food science concepts that will be developed into 150 days of classroom instruction by Fairchild. The FSS course will be field tested summer of 2014, with full release anticipated for the next year. Working from the initial concepts identified during the development meeting, Fairchild will create lectures, activities, projects, and problem sheets for students to complete during the course. She will also develop rubrics, manuals, and any other teacher resources necessary for the course's implementation.

"I'm most excited about seeing these ideas in my head getting written down on paper," she said. "And then seeing the potential of the course to really enhance the student experience."

The FSS course is sponsored by General Mills and Cargill as a special project of the National FFA Foundation. Their generous funding made it possible for the Food Science and Safety Course to be the sixth course to be developed for CASE.

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Natural Resources and Ecology Field Test Institutes Draw to a Close

CASE is currently field testing the Natural Resources and Ecology (NRE) course, sponsored by CSX and Mosaic. At the completion of the field tests in Illinois and New Jersey, 28 high school teachers will be certified to teach the CASE Natural Resources and Ecology course. During the the upcoming school year, these teachers will give CASE feedback about that will be used to improve it before its general release in summer 2014.

CASE Sponsors

Everything CASE does is made possible by support from the National FFA Foundation and the wonderful sponsors listed below. These organizations are truly committed to fostering the next generation of leaders in agriscience.


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