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CASE Institute Update


Agricultural Educators,


CASE staff is pleased to announce that enrollment in CASE Institutes for this summer is very strong. The following is a summary of the institute sites offered this year. If you are thinking about enrolling into a CASE Institute, we encourage you to register in the next few weeks to ensure there are seats available for the course you plan to take. Go to the CASE home page at to register.


Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Kansas State University - Seats Remaining (Registration Closes May 31)

University of Nebraska - Seats Remaining (Registration Closes June 11)

University of Kentucky - Booked Full

University of Missouri - Booked Full

The Ohio State University - Booked Full

Tennessee State University - Booked Full


Principles of Agricultural Science - Animal

McNeese State University - Seats Remaining (Registration Closes May 31)

Texas Tech University - Seats Remaining (Registration Closes May 31)

South Central College - Seats Remaining (Registration Closes June 11)

The Pennsylvania State University - Seats Remaining (Registration Closes July 9)


Principles of Agricultural Science -Plant

University of Maryland - Seats Remaining (Registration Closes June 18)

Iowa - Booked Full

Oregon - Booked Full


Animal and Plant Biotechnology

Iowa - Seats Remaining (Registration Closes May 31)

Rutgers University - Seats Remaining (Registration Closes July 2)


Mosaic, through the help of the National FFA Foundation and NAAE, is offering scholarships for Florida and Louisiana instructors to attend CASE Institutes. Please contact Miranda Chaplin at for more information. These scholarships pay for all expenses related to institute registration (travel budget for FL teachers). CASE curriculum is provided at no charge to all teachers who complete CASE Institute professional development.


The United Soybean Board, with the help of the National FFA Foundation and NAAE, provides partial funding of the CASE Institute registration fee to any teacher interested in attending the new Animal and Plant Biotechnology course. This new CASE course is packed full of biotechnology laboratory experiences that model real-life industry skills and practices. This course is the real deal for those teachers looking to bring powerful STEM connections to their agriculture classroom. If you are interested in the USB scholarship, please contact Miranda Chaplin.


Congratulations to three new agricultural educators who are the recipients of the New Teacher Scholarship sponsored by National FFA Foundation "Impact FFA," which is a group of women who support school-based agricultural education. The 2012 scholarship winners are Alicia LePage of Missouri, Clarissa Lewis of Tennessee, and Lauren Nutter of Kansas.


CASE is proud of the professional development opportunities that are offered each summer. CASE Institute experiences challenge traditional thinking and provide the knowledge and confidence that teachers need to utilize true inquiry-based strategies for increasing student engagement and proficiency in agricultural science education. CASE employs our best and brightest certified teachers to provide the instruction at a CASE Institute. These teachers are using CASE in their own classrooms daily, and each teacher shares their personal experiences related to the impact that CASE has on them and their students.


CASE would like to thank the following teachers for their commitment to CASE and their professional excellence as a Lead Teacher for CASE Institutes this summer.


Carl Aakre, MN (Master Teacher)

Parker Bane, IL

Melanie Bloom, IA

Ben Booth, IA

Gary Bruns, IA (Master Teacher)

Ruth Chamelin, MD

Sheridan Clinkscales, TX

Doug Dodd, IA

Brandon Duff, MO (Master Teacher)

Lori Dyer, OH

Matt Eddy, IA (Master Teacher)

Leslie Fairchild, IN (Master Teacher)

Johnie Ferro, OR

Jaysa Fillmore, ID

Aaron Geiman, MD (Master Teacher)

Liza Goetz, MD

Amy Green, LA

Emily Hester, MD

Richard Horn, KY (Master Teacher)

Casey Jones, TX

Tim Lamb, OH

Troy Mayfield, CO

Tiffany Morey, NJ

Tim Ray, OR

Travis Reid, DE

Nichole Scholz, OR

Matt Simpson, KY

Shari Smith, IA

Misty Thibodeaux, LA

Liz Tinaglia, MN (Master Teacher)

Anna Warner, MD



CASE appreciates all of the help from teachers, FFA LPS staff, state Department of Education and Agriculture staff, post-secondary faculty, FFA Foundation staff, NAAE staff, and others who have made efforts to inform teachers across the country about CASE opportunities. Thank you to everyone working to promote the success of teachers and students in agricultural education.



Dan Jansen, PhD

Project Director

Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education