• Revised CTE National Board Components

    Fellow National Board Hopefuls,   Over the past year, I completed the newly revised Component 1 (Content Knowledge Test and Writing Exam) and Component 2 (Reflection on Assessment) for CTE teachers. In the beginning...
    Darla Romberger
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  • Creating a List of National Board Certified Agricultural Educators on Google Docs

    Communities of Practice helps us as Agricultural Educators connect to each other and serve as a resource for professional growth.  In a recent dialogue here, Heidi Martin and I were wondering who other National Board ...
    Robin McLean
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  • What's happening with National Board and ACTE?

    Thought I would test out the new mobile accessibility of CoP by adding a note about some current goals of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. They've partnered with ACTE to form first an advisory g...
    Robin McLean
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  • Some National Board Certification Basics

    Here are some resources that might help you as you consider taking the journey to become a National Board Certified Teacher. Ten Common Candidate Questions - http://www.boardcertifiedteachers.org/first-time-candidat...
    Robin McLean
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  • NBCT Assesment Center

    I am currently finished and uploaded my entries for my National Boards (Yay!), and am in the process of taking my assessment center.  I have been looking for information to study to prepare for the 6 prompts.  I fell ...
    Ed Hendrick
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