Alissa Smith

Work/Life Balance Goes to Pennsylvania Ag Teachers

Blog Post created by Alissa Smith on Aug 13, 2015

This summer, the Pennsylvania Association of Agricultural Educators (PAAE) dedicated time, as part of their summer professional development conference, to emphasize the importance of work/life balance as part of the first ever PA XLR8 professional development program. NAAE assisted PAAE in the development of their state program, and was excited to be a part of the presentation portion, as well.


The PA XLR8 program participants engaged in several sessions dedicated to work/life balance, delegation and prioritizing.  Each participant was provided resources to use as they develop their own plan for the next year. We are excited to see how these nine participants develop over the next couple of years.

If you are interested in assisting your teachers in creating work/life balance, please contact Alissa Smith, NAAE Associate Executive Director. NAAE would be glad to guide you through the process.



2015-07-15 15.56.42-1.jpg

     PA  XLR8 participants learned to say "no," so they could say "yes" to the important things in their lives.