Alissa Smith

Get Ready for NAAE Awards!

Blog Post created by Alissa Smith on Feb 9, 2015

NAAE awards applications will be available soon, and there are a few changes you should know about as you prepare to put your best foot forward and apply!

  1. Many NAAE awards will be filled out online this year. The materials required to apply will be similar to previous years (you can still access the 2014 award applications here), but instead of emailing the applications or putting them on jump drives, you'll upload them via our simple online form.
  2. You will have to log in to the NAAE website to access the awards forms. The online applications will only be available to current NAAE members. To make sure you're ready to fill out the award applications, make sure you can log in to the NAAE website. Here's how:
  • Go to and click the "Login" link at the top of the page. If you have never logged in before or don't remember your password, click the "Forgot password" link and follow the instructions to reset or set up your password.

                              *Note - you must use the email address we have on file with your member record.

  • If you still have problems logging in, please call the NAAE office at 1-800-509-0204. The NAAE office is open from 8 am until 5pm eastern time, Monday-Friday.

We want to make it as easy as possible for all our members to apply for NAAE awards. Get ready now, and filling out your awards application will be a snap!


  1. We'll only be selecting one Teachers Turn the Key Scholarship recipient per state this year. That's a change from previous years, when we selected one from each state, and then a second from states who submitted two applications (up to 50). This year, it's one per state only.


Good luck!