• A Final Farewell to CV Ag Sciences

    View my final student teaching reflections at this link Week Fourteen: A Final Farewell  psuaged2021
    Nicole Guise
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  • Reflection on My Student Teaching Experience

    Hello, my name is Abbie Smith, and this Spring I had the opportunity to student teach at Northern Burlington Regional Middle School and High School, with Dr. Robin McLean, Mr. Keith Dannucci, and Mr. Brian Hayes. Duri...
    Abbie Smith
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  • The Most Powerful Words

    Post from And Some Combat Boots: Week 15 – The Most Powerful Words – A Farm Girl, Her Bible, & Some Combat Boots   This is where I am supposed to write a meaningful blog post that sums up my student teaching experienc...
    Kaitlin Liszka
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  • "Don't Blink"

    It's a verse to a song, something my parents say, and it's something I wish I never did; Blink. Because all of a sudden, it was over... I remember sitting in the Derry Ag Building and my ag teachers pushing me to at...
    Jessica Barnhart
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  • My Final Student Teaching Reflection

    And just like that... Today is the final day of student teaching. I can't believe it. This semester has flown by and has taken a turn that I never could have imagined. I never would have thought that this would be the...
    Brandon Witmer
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  • Final Reflections from an Interesting Student Teaching Experience

    Hello!  Thank you for checking out my blog post.  Check out my final reflection and entire semester of student teaching experiences here:  https://mmwurzba.wixsite.com/marywurzbach/single-post/2020/04/24/Week-16-Fina...
    Mary Wurzbach
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  • The Rollercoaster Ride of Student Teaching

    Throughout the entire 16 weeks of student teaching it has been a rollercoaster ride. I have had the best time of my entire four years of college in my internship. Starting out in January, I had no idea things would dr...
    Luke Kerstetter
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  • 2020_Refelections-Gagné

    Hello! My name is Amanda Gagné and I student taught the past semester at Conrad Weiser Area High School in Robisonia, Pa with Mr.Adam Serfass. I was lucky to be able to teach half a rotation of 7th and 8th grad...
    Amanda M gagne
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  • Stauffer_Final_Reflection

      15 Weeks. 6 classes. Over 50 student reached.   The past 15 weeks, I have been over 100 miles away from home, in a different state, living with strangers who have become family. The past 15 weeks, I was transformed ...
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  • Final Thought on Student Teaching!

    My time at Pequea Valley High School has come to an end. The past 15 weeks have been a journey with student teaching! I had the privilege to work with two amazing teachers, Doug Masser, and Jasmine VanSant. I have lea...
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  • Rupert's Reflection on Greenwood

    Student teaching at Greenwood Middle-High School with Michael Clark and Krista Pontius was truly an honor. Never have I met such dedicated, passionate and down-to earth people. I have learned so much about teaching fr...
    Ryan Rupert
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  • My Final Thoughts on my Student Teaching Experience

    My Final Thoughts on my Student Teaching Experience. First, I didn't know that it was physically possible for 15 weeks to fly by that fast! I have learned so much in those 15 weeks that its hard to put it all into wor...
    Beth Winklosky
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  • Rachel Bloom's Student Teaching Experience

    The time has come that my student teaching experience has ended. I will tell you what, I loved every single minute of it. Even though there were some tough times, the students and the people who were there to support ...
    Rachel Bloom
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  • Miss Boltz's Student Teaching Experience

    I had the privilege of student teaching at Dover Area High School under the supervision of Mrs. Alex Barzydlo, Mr. Pete Bowen, and Ms. Britney Marsh. I taught on 90 minute block scheduling and taught multiple units in...
    Lisa Boltz
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  • The end of one story another begins!

    Defining the Why As I walked out the door on Friday I could help but remember that this is the end.  I successfully completed student teaching.  As I drove the hour and a half back to berks county I couldn't help but ...
    Mr. George Dietrich
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  • Dietrich_PSU_Best_Lesson

    Area: Agricultural Mechanics Lesson Title: "What does total shop safety look like?" Length of Lesson: One Week Learning Objectives: Student will be able to: 1) Identify the components of personal protective gear. ...
    Mr. George Dietrich
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  • Final Thoughts

    Dear Ms. Wasson,     Goodbye from us, but hello to a new beginning!   Goodbye: Throughout my last week of student teaching this phrase has been running through my mind. How is it possible that I am already saying g...
    Heather Wasson
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  • As One Door Closes, Another Will Open

    That's a wrap folks!   Looking back, I can't believe how fast time as flown by. Merely 15 weeks ago, I entered my classroom as a teacher for the first time. I have learned and grown so much, in more ways then one. I ...
    Katie Smith
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  • Student Teaching 2018 Reflection (15 Things in 15 Weeks)

    The time has come... all week I have been avoiding this blog post however, all good things must come to an end. This week marks the end of an era, with the beginning of a new adventure. This week I said “see ya ...
    Michala Kuhlman
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  • Student Teaching 2018 Reflection

    I've been sitting here the past two days working on wrapping up my assignments and getting ready to head back to Penn State to be with my cohort for the next week and all I can think about is "Wow, how did I actually ...
    Macy Fisher
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