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My name is Samantha Sessamen, and I am an Agricultural & Extension Education major at the Pennsylvania State University. I am going to take a few minutes out of my busy schedule to write about who I am.


1. I love 4-H/Extension! I have been a member of 4-H since I was 8 years old, and I have been a 4-H leader since I aged out of the program. I feel that this organization is detrimental to our youth. I have grown exponentially from this program, and I know that this is a place where friendships, connects, and knowledge is built and expanded. I participated in many 4-H clubs as a youth including: market lamb, market goat, breeding sheep, horse performance, photography, and horse production. Below is a picture back in 2012 with my 4-H State Champion Saddle Type Pony Yearling Filly, Meeka (who is now a hyper 4 year old filly).

Sam States 2012.JPG

2. Beagles and Bunnies. After I aged out of 4-H, we got our first Beagle puppy. In that time frame, I also started a rabbit project club in Blair County. Since that time, we have upgraded to two spoiled Beagles and quite a few rabbits. I am a member of ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) and have shown at the local and national levels. I have been blessed to be able to show my rabbits all over the states of Pennsylvania, Marlyna, New York,  New Jersey, Ohio, West Virginia, and Texas. The Beagles always make the trip out to the rabbits barn with me, and they check on the kits and (gently) play with my brood does and show bucks. Pictured below is our Beagle, Duchess, next to my Grand Champion English Lop buck, Charmed's Apus (aka Monty).


3. Equestrian Sports. I am a member of the Penn State Equestrian Team, and proud. Our team is built of roughly 70 riders for the 2015-16 year. We practice every week on a different horse under the coaches Kristin and Kerry Kocher. Our team competes against other colleges such as Bucknell, Wilson, Susquehanna, and many others. Pictured below is myself competing at Briarwood Farms in New Jersey last year in the 2A division in December 2014 on a pony named Tina.


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