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Hi everyone! My name is Sarabeth Royer and I had the privilege of student teaching at Athens Area High School in Bradford County, PA, under the direction of Mr. David Steinfelt (agriculture educator) and Dr. Laura Rice (university supervisor). I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, and was able to blog about each week. You can read more about it here --> This was a fantastic way for me to reflect on my experiences to allow me to grow both personally and professionally.


I had an incredible time at Athens and learned an amazing amount! I learned about topics like pesticides safety and electrical wiring, I learned teaching strategies in a shop and classroom setting, I learned about communicating with students and other teachers, and I also learned a lot about myself! This experience was exciting, exhausting, exhilarating and life changing all at once, so the question is how can I share all of that in one blog post? Well, here are the top three things that I learned at while student teaching at Athens!




1) Treasure the Light-Bulb Moments


2) Its all about the Kids and the Community


3) Remain Flexible!



Thanks so much for reading


Sarabeth Royer

Hi everyone! My name is Sarabeth Royer and I am a senior at Penn State studying Agricultural and Extension Education with minors in Animal Science and International Agriculture.


Growing up on a dairy and poultry farm in Lancaster County, PA, I am very passionate about the agriculture industry. My parents instilled in my four sisters and me the importance of sharing our "ag story" with others. I love working with people and in agriculture, and am very excited to be pursuing a career that combines both of these things! This Spring I will be student teaching at Athens Area High School with Mr. David Steinfelt. Three things you all should know about me...


1) I love my family!


I have four wonderful sisters and two hardworking, patient, and loving parents who all show me daily what it means to love and care for others. I honestly don't know what I would do without these incredible six people who enrich (and complicate!) and bless my life every single day.  My mother is a Respiratory Therapist/ Mother Extraordinaire, and my father is a proud Dairy and Poultry farmer. Alysha is a Pre-K teacher, Amanda is a nurse, Lindsay is a herdsman at another farm, Jen works on the home farm, and then, well then there is me! 


AND, I have a twin! Cool right, Lindsay aka Twin aka Twinsikin/Lindsikins is my best friend and confidant.



2) I love animals!


Growing up on a farm, there were so many lessons learned that I simply can't file in a book or write on a resume. Like how water, seeds, sunshine, dirt, sweat, hard work and planning can result in a growing field. of corn. Or the pain that comes from an animal passing, mixed with the joy of a newborn. Like the resilience it takes to stay out with a sick cow all night. Yeah, I have learned a lot of lessons on our farm, and our animals have always been an important part of my life.  This is one of my favorite cows, Rosie.



3) I love music!


I really enjoy listening to music, and different songs can either help set my mood, or complement my mood! I also really enjoy singing. In high school I played the French Horn and Oboe, and sang in the choir.



Thanks so much for reading!


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