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Who is Stacia Gouger?!

Posted by Stacia Gouger Sep 6, 2015

Hey everyone! I just thought I would share a little about myself and what makes me, ME!



1 - Here is a picture of me with some of the people that mean the absolute most to me. Family is a HUGE part of who I am. My sisters are in the picture and I'm very close with both of them. The good looking couple in the middle-ish left have been married for 23 years and happen to be my wonderful parents. On the right is my husband! I don't know what I would do if I didn't have all of these wonderful people in my life and the wonderful people that I call family and friends are definitely not limited to this one picture. Family makes me who I am and I try to always think about them in everything I do.



2- This isn't a picture I took, but I thought I would switch things up a bit. Not only do I drink almost exclusively milk, but the dairy industry is what really sparked my interest in agriculture and agricultural education. So, obviously it has a lot to do with who I am and how I got here - at Penn State! Originally I wanted to be a Vet, but I figured out it wasn't for me. Plus I worked at a dairy barn and raised bull calves which made me love dairy and agriculture more and more.



3 - My last picture is of me and my husband when I forced him to paint with me. We have only been married a little over a month now, but he is very important to me. The reason I chose this picture is because painting has become a huge part of my life as well. I think everyone can find out a bit about themselves and relieve some stress by painting or some other form of expression. This picture is a 2 in 1 - My husband helps form who I am as a person and so does the painting! Painting has made me stretch out of my comfort zone too, because I do not consider myself artistic or creative. I think you should push through being uncomfortable and just let go sometimes!



Family, Fun, and a little hard work thrown in can be a recipe for success. I've made it to Penn State because of the people and hobbies that have made me who I am and continue to support me every day. If you have any questions about who I am please never hesitate to ask!

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