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I am a senior in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences at the Pennsylvania State University with minors in Equine Science and Animal Science. In addition, I am also pursuing my Teacher’s Certification in Agriculture and Extension Education.

To help you get to know me a little better, I am sharing several things that are very important to me.


First, I am thankful to God for His daily love, care, guidance, and protection in my life. I am also very blessed with a great family, and I am the oldest of 5 children. I have an awesome full-time stay-at-home Mom who is my “go-to” when I need advice, encouragement, or when I just need to talk. My Dad is a full-time machinist, and a part-time farmer who works hard to provide for our family. My brother Wilson is now pursuing an Airplane Mechanics degree in Pittsburgh, and hopes to get his pilot’s license to fly for mission and disaster relief groups.  Justin, the middle child in our family, just started college at Allegheny Wesley College in Ohio to become a preacher. My sister Stacee is homeschooling this year, and is excited to have her driving permit; however, I must say riding with her driving certainly challenges my nerves at times… Carrie, the youngest, is the only one in the family with curly hair, full of mischief, and loves to craft projects and read books… she is also the true blonde of the family and gives us lots to chuckle about… If someone tells a joke, she silently and seriously listens while everyone else laughs… then 10-15 minutes later she will pipe up with “Oh, now I get it…” We just joke that it takes longer to get through all the kinks of her curly hair!  


Second, to say that I like dairy goats would be an understatement. We usually have between 25-40 dairy goats which we raise and milk with a bucket pail milking system. Last year we were milking around 16-18 does, but since the oldest three children are in college this year, we have drastically cut down our herd size and are currently only milking 6 does. The other milking does are currently being leased to a new and local goat dairy and creamery (I am super excited that some others are charting out a path for one of my future dreams to own and operate a large goat dairy)! My dog (formerly… a cute puppy) also helps out with barn chores by herding the goats and keeping them in their fence.

I also am working on training my 2yr.old Palomino Paint/Quarter Horse filly, when I have time, with the hopes of having a good trail riding horse. She is coming along nicely with groundwork… I just have to get the time and courage to move on to the next step of riding… Most thrilling to me is that fact that every time when I come home from school, and start to the barn, she whinnies and comes running up to greet me – she never forgets me no matter how long I am gone!


Finally, here is a “catch all” list of my hobbies, likes, favorite books, and interests… gardening, sewing, playing the flute and piano, photography, drawing (pencil & watercolors), horseback riding, flower arranging, canning jams and jellies, marinating and cooking meats, preparing fancy desserts, listening to A Capella hymns (w/ 4-part harmony), Pinterest,  Anne of Green Gables, Old Yeller, Little Women, The Secret Garden, Heidi, The Man Who Listens to Horses, and The Stranger Series by Al Lacy.

Hi! I am a VB SC major also working on Teacher Certification in Ag & Extension Education. I have interests in dairy goats, other food production animals, horses, and animal nutrition. Is there anybody else who also shares my passion and interest in dairy goats??? If you have an interest in dairy goats, or if you just want to see pictures of my dairy goats, please feel free to visit my website.

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