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Matt Snyder

The Mifflinburg Experience

Posted by Matt Snyder Apr 24, 2017

Yesterday I closed another chapter along my journey. My post secondary education has forced me to experience new things and take on new challenges. This has shaped me into who I am today.

The Mifflinburg Experience extends far beyond the school walls. It stretches from the West End, through the Buffalo Creek Valley, and down to the powerful Susquehanna. I’ve witnessed it on Sunday mornings as everyone travels to share in faith and fellowship. It becomes a part of you and who you are. I’ve had some great experiences and have reflected deeply upon each one.

The School Environment

From day one I have been impressed with how the Mifflinburg High School Administration puts emphasis on the agriculture program. Mr. Kessler and Ms. Spurrier have done a great job over the years. The administration recognizes this and sees the importance in the agricultural program. Both teachers have continued to impress me with their expertise in all subjects and more importantly their rapport with their students.

I have also been very impressed with the students in the agriculture program. It has been an easy transition for me into the classroom and I feel that I have established great classroom rapport. I was welcomed and respected from day one. These students continue to impress me with their knowledge and skills in certain areas. Some kids already have skills laying block because their dads are masons and have taught them the trade. These students are well on their way to excelling in whatever they decide to do after high school.


Students Layer Barn Placement.

I feel that I have done well teaching and the students have learned a lot, but we all have things that we would do differently in the future. Individual classes change a lot from year to year, so we must always be adapting. The biggest lessons come from our largest failures. I am excited to make changes after this experience and continue to evolve as an educator.

The Community Involvement

Before arriving in Mifflinburg, I had no idea that agriculture was so huge in Union County. The heart of Union County is nested in the numerous chicken houses and thousands of acres utilized for crop production. Agriculture is always evolving and so are these farmers. The Young Farmers Program here in Mifflinburg has continued to impress me with their dedication to agriculture and the success of all farmers. The Young Farmers Program also provides farmers with great social interactions which generate partnerships between Union County Farmers. Just last night, one of the members had a tour of their brand-new hog barn. Afterwards we had our meeting and meal as a community, for anyone, free of charge. Farmers can accomplish so much more when they work together.

Thank you Mr. Kessler for all the advice and support.


My experience student teaching has extended much farther than the school walls. I have gotten to see how much the community values agriculture and agricultural education. Meeting with the Young Farmers at meetings and banquets, talking with the Pikrite manufacturing team, and visiting hog and chicken farms has really opened my eyes and inspired me to be a great teacher. Mifflinburg was and still may be the perfect fit for me.

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