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To be honest I did not go into the AEE major to become a teacher. I took the major for communication skills and development. So going into student teacheing I did not know what to think. Would I like it or would I hate my life. I mean I love working with kids and adults but was not sure how I felt about the classroom setting.


When it came time to student teach I could have been with a normal teacher but I was placed with Mrs. Anderson (This is what she tells me). From the beginning we have clicked from our passion for Ag, love of showing, and scrapbooking. We have been a pair to work together that's for sure. I taught three classes since Manheim Central is on block scheduling which were Intro to Ag, honors mechanics, and AgriEcology. This was out of my comfort zone but I am glad I got to teach these while I had the support from my cooperating teacher.


I did figure out that I do not HATE teaching but I do not know if it is what I want to do. It helped that most of my students were great and I connected with them so well. Which like most that is always a concern. This experience has been great and I have tried to take the most away from it plus take in every possible opportunity. Some of these included FFA trips, proctoring keystone exams, helping with the freshmen fundraiser, working with the chapter officers, attending the art show, helping facilitate NOCTI, getting pesticide certified, and more.


Working with the three teachers in the Ag department at Manheim has been a true blessing. They have all helped me in so many ways and I would work along side of anyone of them in the future. They all took into account what was in my best interest and what I needed to do. I have had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with numerous administrators and they are all so open and welcoming and their to help you.


Event though this all sounds so good it was not always that way. I did have days where I wanted to punch a wall and was frustrated beyond belief due to behavior issues or lack of class engagement, you name it. But one thing you learn it to let it go and do not hold a grudge which was a big lesson for me because I am very good at holding grudges.

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