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Meagan Slates


Posted by Meagan Slates Apr 27, 2014

Friday was my last day at West Perry High School! I can't imagine my student teaching experience being any better. I have had so many great times and bad with the students that have molded me into the wannabe teacher I am today. Just about every student didn't want me to leave and I'll admit I was sad and not wanting to leave the classroom. Looking back I wouldn't change one thing about the experience.


There were several reasons I wanted to be placed at West Perry High School. The first being it was a two teacher program and I wanted to learn how both teachers ran their classes, the FFA, and managed the department overall. The second reason was the school was a little larger then the high school I attended and had a large at department. The third was that is was a general agricultural science department. I didn't want to be placed somewhere that had classes I was confident and comfortable in. I was a giant sponge ready to soak up and learn all the information I could! I taught everything from wildlife, plant and animal science, to mechanics….and I enjoyed learning so many new things that I didn't know! My cooperating teachers were awesome in the fact that they were willing to stay after school or help me prepare for whatever I wanted to do in class. I can say overall I defiantly mad the most of this experience. Staying at school every evening late and then waking up early to be at parli pro practice the next day is defiantly worth it for seeing the students excited is so rewarding.


some of the highlights of this semester include:



Steam study with my Wildlife class


Making floral design arrangements for the banquet (Mr. Hines had to be talked into this one!)


Attending the banquet and watching all the students receive awards


Planting in the greenhouse



Check out my block for more about my student teaching experience -

Check this out ….cool stuff!!

A team of Penn State Extension personnel recently developed a new online presentation that illustrates and explains some of the equipment and practices used in shale-gas drilling and production in the mid-Atlantic region.

The video was designed for use by the general public, but is also appropriate for youth in grades 9-12 in both formal and informal educational settings.  The video is a great accompaniment to the previously released video presentations on the role of water in the shale gas drilling process. Those videos can be found linked on the same website. (

Attached below is a letter explaining the presentations.

The following are sub plans I designed for two of the videos found on the website! (click additional videos on the website link above)

Water Drop on a Journey

True or False- Common Concerns about water and natural gas drilling

There are a lot of great videos on the website!


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