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Hey everyone, this is Mike Swartwood and I am just now finishing up my last week of student teaching here at Bellwood-Antis High School. Over the past 15 weeks I was under the supervision of Mr. Matt Webreck. Thinking back, it has been much longer that 15 weeks! We started this crazy, fun, and exciting adventure about a year ago whenever we decided where we wanted to student teach! I thought that they were crazy having us pick our cooperating centers a year in advanced, but I am so glad that they did; I have gotten to know the students, Mr. Webreck, and the community so well! If you want to read more about my adventure through these past 15 weeks, here is the link to my blog!


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While student teaching, I have grown not only as an educator, but as a person! I feel incredibly lucky that I was surrounded by the students in Bellwood! They accepted when I failed, and they told me when they had fun! While here, I taught a total of 7 classes, ran FFA meetings, guided field trips, and went to numerous FFA events! Growing up without any FFA experience, this was the first chapter that I have really been a part of! I have learned a lot about FFA throughout this experience and I cannot wait to learn even more to make my future program the best that it can be!

The thing I am most proud of though is the feeling that I get whenever students say that they are going to miss me and that it wont be the same here without me! I think that I connected with a lot of the students and I can only hope that I impacted one of their lives! There were times before student teaching where I was unsure if I wanted to teach... this experience sealed the deal for me. I really do

SLLC 3.jpgwant to teach, it is so rewarding seeing a kid have that "lightbulb" moment, putting on their FFA jacket for the first time, or showing me a project that they worked so hard on!

Overall, I cannot imagine spending this last semester of college anywhere else than Bellwood-Antis! I had an amazing time and learned more than I thought possible from Mr. Webreck! I cannot wait to keep in touch!


Mike Swartwood


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Who Is Mike Swartwood

Posted by Mike Swartwood Sep 9, 2015


My name is Mike Swartwood and I am from a small town located in Northwest PA and I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my friends, family, and being outdoors doing anything that you can imagine someone from a small town doing.


Here is a picture of me, my brother, and my dad in Pittsburgh right before my brother left for the Army Basic Training at Fort Jackson. I am very proud of my little brother who decided to join the Army and serve our country! My dad has always been my hero and I have always looked up to him with the upmost respect because of his hard work ethic, how he always puts his kids first, his tough attitude, and his soft and caring side. If you really wanna know who I am/ strive to be, you would have to have a conversation with my "old man".



Here is a picture of where I would spend all of my time in the summer if I could. This picture was taken at the Kinzua Reservoir about 9 miles away from my house. All of my friends love to go boating, water ski, knee board, and tube (there is a picture of me knee boarding). This is one of my main hobbies and I would love to be able to stay around my hometown just for this vey reason. Some of you may know the song "As long as the grass shall grow" by Johnny Cash; the song was actually wrote about the Kinzua Reservoir. 





Here is a picture of me and my best friend jack with a whole string of trout that we caught one weekend near my house (no, we did not catch all of these; we legally had enough people to keep all of them). We hardly ever keep fish because we believe in catch and release; we were having a big fish fry for our friends and families and I filleted all of the fish and we had a get together at my friends camp. I enjoy to fish and ride around back roads with my friends talking about anything that comes to mind...



There is a description of me in a nutshell, I hope this post helped you have an understanding of who I am and I look forward to reading everyones posts about themselves!



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