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I had the privilege of student teaching at Dover Area High School under the supervision of Mrs. Alex Barzydlo, Mr. Pete Bowen, and Ms. Britney Marsh. I taught on 90 minute block scheduling and taught multiple units in Large Animal Science, Small Animal Science, and Ag Engine Care. 



Throughout the experience I planned to exercise and improve my teaching philosophy of relying on the three circle model of agriculture education, the community, cross-curricular collaboration, and real life assessments. The Dover Agriculture Program offered many things to learn from, including SAE visits, multiple state, area, and local FFA opportunities, and three excellent classes that I had the privilege of teaching.



In my experience, I have found I would encompass all of these items in my teaching philosophy to be surrounded in student rapport. Without student rapport, classroom discipline issues skyrocket. Students that feel connected to your or the material are more willing to work with you, once you have this leverage you can push through for the core three circle model and other influential piece of agriculture education. 



I am thankful for my students teaching me critical classroom lessons as I journey onto my first year in agriculture education. I am thankful for my cooperating teachers being patient with me and giving me excellent learning opportunities and freedom to learn from my mistakes. I am thankful for my university supervisor for giving me massive amounts of wisdom and advice from your years of experience to help a rookie out. I am thankful for my virtual mentors, who taught me from afar and coached me in a non-bias manner. Overall, I am thankful for student teaching and grateful for the opportunity to continue to learn and grow.



Check out my experience of student teaching in a week by week playback at!

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