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That's a wrap folks!


Looking back, I can't believe how fast time as flown by. Merely 15 weeks ago, I entered my classroom as a teacher for the first time. I have learned and grown so much, in more ways then one. I proved my strong will and determination to keep fighting against all odds.


Due to my brother's untimely death, I feel like my experience shifted quite dramatically. At least I can say that no one will ever have an experience like mine (hopefully, knock on wood). I will admit I struggled a bit in the beginning, as would any person entering into a strange and new environment. I got more comfortable within a few weeks and I felt like I was starting to really get the hang of it. I really felt like I was starting to connect with my students and get them to start to engage and interact with me.


Returning almost 3 weeks after the accident was really hard. But I came back to Northwestern, as this is my dream. I worked very hard to get to where I was and I wasn't about to quit. There were hard days and good days, and all those days in between. With my cohort and friends beside me, I fought with my heart and made it through. Would I say I was at my best? No, but I'd say I gave my best effort with everything I had left to give. I got right back to working with my freshman doing a milk defects lab. Doing a hands on activity with them was reaffirming and helped ease my transition back into the classroom. I honestly felt like I almost had to start all over again, and at an accelerated rate. This was difficult, but necessary to continue in the pursuit of my passion.


My student's taught me so many things. I learned that sometimes you just have to discipline. Sometimes your classroom management just isn't enough for certain students. I learned that some student's are capable of great compassion. A few of my student's helped keep a smile on my face everyday, even on one of those bad days. I learned that you might never know who you connected with until your time with them as ended. Yesterday, shortly before the dismissal bell was set to ring, one of my freshman students came to see me. She was one of the "I'm too cool for school" kind of student's. She suffered academically and tended to be disruptive in class. She walks up to me and says "I just wanted to say goodbye before you left", then started to hug me. I was so surprised and caught of guard by this student. I never knew that on a subconscious level I was connecting with her.


I will end this blog with two of my favorite inspirational quotes, as I hope I have inspired some of my student's, I will hope they will continue to inspire others. "When the world has you feeling like a weed in the garden, know that someone out there see's you as a wish in field."


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