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Janae McMichael

Who Is... Janae Herr

Posted by Janae McMichael Sep 5, 2015

Hey there! My name is Janae Herr, born and raised in Southeastern Lancaster County I am now a senior at Penn State University where I am passionately pursuing a degree in Agriculture and Extension Education with minors in Agribusiness Management and International Agriculture. If you had to learn a little about me in three pictures this probably how that would go...


1. I am a Pinterest addict. There I said it. It's where I relieve stress, get inspired and dream.

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 11.19.26 AM.png

2. Give me the farm life. I am the fifth generation to work the land on Southview Farms. With a 55 head dairy, four houses of broiler chickens, crops (of which include) tobacco, there's rarely a dull moment at home. It undoubtedly is the place that made me the person I am today and is a huge reason why I chose Agriculture Education. **Side note, I LOVE Lancaster County sunrises and sunsets and there is no better place to capture them on the farm. But sometimes four-legged, bovine ladies get in the way.


3. My people. Two amazing parents that gave me those two wild little sisters you see there and a good Lord who blessed me with a boyfriend who knows me better then my self most days. Basically, I'm just really blessed.


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