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Jenna Timmons

Blessed Beyond Measures

Posted by Jenna Timmons Apr 23, 2016

Each day I find many blessings in my life. Each day I am reminded of the greatness and the faithfulness of a blessed life that I am given. Today I was reminded of one of the greatest blessings of my life. Today marked an ending of one journey and a beginning of a new journey. Today, was the day I had to turn in my 'teacher badge' at Kennard-Dale. Today was the day I had been wishing for, for months. But as today came and went, I found myself wishing it was any day but today.


When I began this journey, I was scared to student teach. Actually I was terrified to student teach. But I knew I was given this dream for a reason and I had to see it through. And today was the day I realized why I needed to be an agriculture teacher. I have the opportunity to change lives, to bless others through my teaching. But most importantly I realized, I am the one being blessed. Our students think I am here to teach them (and I am) but they are actually teaching me. They are a blessing to me.


Throughout these past 15 weeks I have cried many times. I cried in school after a lesson went bad, I have cried to my cooperating teacher because I didn't know what the ceca does in an avian digestive system, and I have cried to Richie because I just wanted to come home. Today, I cried the entire way home, because I had to say "I'll be back soon" to Ms. Smith and our kids.




I have learned so much from Ms. Smith and our kids through this experience. I was stretched beyond my comfort zone teaching about animals that I really am afraid of (birds). I learned information I honestly never knew about the muscular system. I learned so much content just from teaching it to our students. I learned how to create various assessments and how to make learning fun through various hands on laboratory experiments (lots of food labs). The most important thing I learned was from our students. They made me realize how much I love teaching.


As I reflect on this week, and all that Ms. Smith did to make this week special for me, I am so blessed. I am thankful for my faculty family at Kennard-Dale and for all their support. My heart was over joyed with love as I received well wishes and hugs from our faculty. I am so thankful to be a part of a great faculty.


And as I read the notes that our students wrote for me, and look at the pictures from today I feel complete. I feel complete in knowing I touched a few lives and hopefully made them a little better. I feel proud. I'm proud of how far I have grown as an individual and as a teacher. I'm proud of the student that Ms. Smith and I have at Kennard-Dale and for the partnership that Ms. Smith and I have in our classroom. I feel fortunate for the forever family I have at Kennard-Dale.


As today draws to an end, I am sad and happy all the same. An experience that I at one point in time wanted to be over four months ago, I now wish it would not end and I can walk back into Ms. Smith and I's classroom with our students on Monday morning.


But, Monday will be a new day, as I finish my college career with a post internship seminar and gear up for graduation in two weeks. Monday will be a new day at Kennard-Dale and our kids will do just fine, I know, but I will be missing them like crazy and I will miss spending every day with my hero and speed walking every where with her.


As I told our students and Ms. Smith today and as I tell myself this tonight, it's going to be okay because "I'll be back soon".


"Be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead" 1 Peter 1:16


~Ms. Jenna Timmons

Kennard-Dale High School

Agricultural Education

Jenna Timmons

Who is Jenna Timmons

Posted by Jenna Timmons Sep 9, 2015

My name is Jenna Timmons and I am a senior at The Pennsylvania State University where I am studying Agricultural Extension and Education. I love many things in life, but to give you a glimpse of who I am, I will share with you three things that are dear to my heart.


1. First and foremost, I LOVE my family. I am definitely a family oriented person. I have two amazing parents that have and continue to guide and support me in every journey of life. I am blessed with an older brother who created and shared the best childhood memories with me. Additionally, I am blessed to have a younger sister who has taught me how to be sassy but beautiful. I also, have a handsome nephew who always brings a smile to my face. And lastly, I have a heart full of love, because of the man I am blessed to share life with.


family.jpgmy bestfriend.jpg

2. I love to bake and cook. One of my favorite parts of the day, is the time when i get to be in the kitchen. I love to cook everything from breakfast to dinner. However, my favorite meal is probably breakfast. In addition, I thoroughly enjoy baking! I love pretty much anything sweet and chocolate. I love spending my free time trying new recipes and sharing with my family.

apron.jpg3. I love flowers!! I love seeing flowers planted outside, I love seeing flower arranged in bouquets, I love receiving flowers, I love pictures of flowers, I just love flowers. I personally enjoy making fresh cut flower arrangements, but I also enjoy being outside and planting flowers in my flower beds. My favorite flowers are calla lilies and Gerbera daises, however all flowers make me happy! 


Those are just a few of the many, many things I love in life! If you want to know more about Jenna Timmons, feel free to ask.

I am a Junior majoring in Agricultural Education and Extensions. My passion of agriculture pertains to horticulture, floral design, and plant sciences. I have an interest in making floral arrangements and I have had success with my arrangements, by winning a competition at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. In addition, I enjoy being outside and working in the soil, cultivating and growing tomorrows food sources.

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