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My Final Thoughts on my Student Teaching Experience.

First, I didn't know that it was physically possible for 15 weeks to fly by that fast! I have learned so much in those 15 weeks that its hard to put it all into words.


I learned a lot of appreciation for how I want to be as a teacher in my future and also how I don't want to be as a teacher in my future. I learned that not all teaching styles are going to be the same and some teaching styles don't always blend together and that is okay. I gained an appreciation for student relationships and how vitally important that is as a teacher. I found the importance of setting expectations for your students and keeping structure. From this I also learned that students an only handle so many expectations and that some times they just need some extra help.

I didn't realize  how much of an impact the students have made on me. I appreciated what each student brought to the classroom and the importance of each of those dynamic. The student were the best part of my whole experience and with out their support I don't know if I could have had as great of an experience. All of my favorite memories are from watching my students success and grow, not just in the classroom and in their learning but in all aspects of them as a person and things they did outside of the classroom.


Student teaching was a whirlwind and I am happy to have the experience under my belt. 

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