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Mohawk Amazing

Posted by Mindy Stoops Apr 25, 2014




My time at Mohawk has been truly a life changing experience!


On the first day I picked up my badge and that was when I realized this is really happening and these people are going to trust me with their kids!!




#1- The student teaching internship seems like a long time.  You think you have all kinds of time to get stuff done... WRONG!  The time flies by and before I knew it, it was over.


Mohawk has taught me so many things, most of all they have showed me the utmost respect and given me every opportunity that I can imagine.


I have always believed that the Ag Department was special.  When I was in high school Ag was the class kids took who did not fit in else where.  However, I have learned during student teaching the Ag is where EVERYONE belongs.  Through agriculture education we are able to provide students with real world experience and skills that will allow them to succeed in the workplace.  It is simple college is not every for everyone.  Agricultural education lets us equip students with skills that they can use to get a job.  Sometimes that job may become their career other times that first job is simply a gateway to bigger and better things.




The animal science curriculum allowed me to make cross curricular connects.  Agriculture lets us teach students in the classroom the theory then move outside and work with real animals.  I have worked with every level of students and I have realized that IEP students make me work harder.  I have found that I truly believe and encompass the motto: Every Student, Every Class, Every Day.  The high level students are easy to teach, however the lower level students become more challenging.  I do not feel like I have had a successful class period unless I had every students attention.


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