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I absolutely loved my student teaching experience at Greenwood!  I love teaching agriculture!  I have a passion for agriculture and working with students.  I enjoyed my student teaching experience and I know that teaching agriculture is what I want to do for a career as the rest of my life.  I have so much fun working with the students and even learning with them!  I looked forward to each day of my student teaching experience.  It was so rewarding to see where the students started and to see the amount of information that they learned.  And seeing the "ahh-ha"  moments when the light bulb came on for the students after working with them made it worth the frustrations that come along before the students "get it".  I love helping the students reach their full potential.  I know that this is what I am supposed to do! 


The days went by so quickly, it was like I wasn't even working because I enjoyed the entire experience at Greenwood!  I got to know the students and build a rapport with them.  I was also able to gain their respect and have fun while teaching and watching them learn.  Attending FFA events was a great experience because I got to watch the students grow and succeed through the experience.  One of the busiest, yet most fun weeks was FFA week.  During this week I really got to know more of the students on an individual level.  I was given this opportunity because there were FFA events and activities planned almost every night after school.  This is when I began to really gain a personal connection with more of the students.  I also found that it was very beneficial to attend the basketball games.  I had many of the starting players in my classes, and attending their basketball games made a huge difference in the classroom. 


Another way that helped me make a connection with the students was talking with them and getting to know them during my planning period when they have study hall.  These students are in the ag room and Mr. Clark originally "voluntold"  them to help me do various things.  By the end of my student teaching experience, they asked what they could do to help me out and I built an awesome professional relationship with these students.  They were my main classroom advocates when their peers would not listen.  There were a few students in particular that encouraged me along the way, and they probably didn't even know it.  They would make comments like, "You are going to be a great ag teacher", "I really like when you teach our class because I learn a lot", "We want you to teach us about ____ (insert various topics!)", "You are very professional and are a good student teacher".  These little comments made me feel good and made me feel like I was doing it right!   I was surprised at the respect that I gained from the students, especially some of the senior boys... who know everything (or think they do)!!! 


Every morning I generally see the same group of students before school start because the same students make their way to the ag room.  I always say "GOOD MORNING ______(insert name of studnet) when I see them.  One day, I didn't say good morning to a particular student because I had other things going on.  This student said good morning to me first.  Later, this student came up to me and asked if everything was okay because I didn't say "Good Morning" in my bubbly, excited voice like I do every morning.  I was told that this student knew something was wrong/on my mind because this student had to say "Good Morning" to me first.  I didn't realize the impact that I was making, just by saying Good Morning to the students; but they came to expect it, whether they realized it or not.  Until this day, I did not realize how many little things can impact a student's life.  I know that I made an impact in the lives of these students, AND they made an impact on me! I loved every minute of being at Greenwood!  This was a great experience and I was lucky to have an awesome group of students!

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