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Student teaching at Annville Cleona High School has been a fantastic experience. I have had a unique opportunity to teach many different units while interacting with a number of 8-12th grade students throughout the semester. Each and everyday I was capable of bringing "ah-ha" moments to my students in the classroom in Plant Science, Introduction to Agriculture, FFA Leadership and Exploratory Agriculture. DSC03157.JPG


DSC03146.JPGI began teaching all of my classes at the very beginning of the marking period which gave me a fresh start with many students. The students seemed to enjoy my teaching style from the very beginning of the marking period which was a benefit for myself and allowed the students to be engaged. The class I believe I had the most fun teaching would have been Exploratory Agriculture. My students were very adaptable and were excited to learn what the Agriculture Industry has to offer them. I believe this was the most fun class because the students were a group with a ton of personality. However, having a lot of personality put a struggle on classroom management because the 8th graders could be very chatting at times. I believe that leaving the mindset to students that Agriculture is "more than just farming" is an awesome feeling because the students are capable of teaching others the same thing.


Teaching Plant Science was one of my most challenging courses but had a lot of hands on learning involved which the kids seemed to enjoy. This course was much more difficult due to my lack of background knowledge in course. The students seemed very receptive to working and learning with me, which was definitely a plus. I believe this class has taught me that no matter what subject matter I am teaching, I will always be able to give my students knowledge they hadn't known before enrollment in the course and as long as I am confident I can learn with my students.


Along with my teaching experience, I was capable of being involved in many FFA activities and SAE projects. Time spent with my students was awesome and included Career Development Events such as Public Speaking. Other FFA events spent with my students included professional development events such as conferences (ACES), after school practices and community events. The students opened up to me after spending time together outside of the classroom at these events and I felt as though I was someone they could look up to and make a difference in their lives.


Participating in all three components of Agriculture Education has provided me with the confidence and assurance that I want to Teach Ag and be successful. The students have taught me the importance of classroom instruction, SAE and FFA through their desire to learn and participate in the program and represent such a powerful organization and program. 

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