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Student teaching at Lampeter-Strasburg High School has been an amazing experience! I have had the opportunity to interact with a variety of students grades 9-12th in the Veterinary Science classes and the Agriculture Mechanics class. Each day brought something new and exciting in the classroom.

I began teaching Vet Science I from the very first day of the marking period. This was great as the students only knew me as the teacher. I was able to gain their respect early on. This class consisted of 22 students grades 9-12. Although Vet I is to be a lower level course for 9-10th grade students, there were 4 seniors in the class. The 4 seniors were
all boys and at first, I found them to be annoying as they would be very disruptive to the class. However, I have gotten to know each one on an individual basis and realized that they just like to joke around and have fun in class. This has shown me that I can still teach a class of 22 students, but teach them in a fun way. It is O.K. to lighten up and joke with the students. In the beginning I was very concerned with the lesson and making sure to hit all of the objectives exactly on target.

Teaching Vet II was my most challenging class, but also the most fun. The course of study was more rigorous than Vet I as it goes in depth with genetics and the various animal systems. We did many labs in this class as a way to connect the content to something the students could see and create with their hands. The students made pasta skeletons out of various shapes and sizes of pasta to represent the skeletal system. The students had fun with this as I let them create whatever type of animal they choose. One girl made an ostrich, another made an alligator and a dinosaur.


Participating in FFA activities has been tons of fun. I have had the chance to interact with the students individually outside of school through meetings, conferences, and community events. The most memorable activity was ACES. We took a group of 8 freshman boys and one girl (Ashley’s sis). They were so much fun to be with. We would joke around the entire time. The saying of the trip was, "burn out!". Every time I would see these boys they would make the "hang loose sign" with their hands and say burn out! It always made me laugh. Participating in the FFA activities has shown me that I want to be part of a program with a strong FFA chapter, teaching grades 9-12, which would enable me to be an advisor.

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