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My time at Mohawk Area High School has been a complete and total blast over the past thirteen weeks. From my time there, I was readily accepted as a learner and a teacher with my students. Along with building these life-long relationships with my students expanding their knowledge into agricultural products, welding, electricity, ceramic tile, and heating systems. I mention these items first because they were probably my greatest fear entering into student teaching simply because I was unsure how I would handle so many different classes simultaneously. However, due in part by Mr. Cliff Wallace and Mr. Cameron Schirmer, I survived student teaching and feel as if I have come out with a lot more knowledge than I went into with.

100_0631 (640x478).jpgThroughout student teaching I had the chance to work with nearly 100 students across agricultural sciences and mechanics. One of the things that I have truly grown to love about Mohawk is the diversity of the classes it offers in its curriculum. Being in this field, you get to see students take a variety of different classes in your curriculum and see where they find their talents over the course of four years. What other field had the same opportunities to grow and learn with the students. I started out my teaching experience with 35 students in my animal science class and have grown to a full schedule with nearly one hundred students currently. Imagine the possibilities that could be achieved in the field and with the students.

As I'm sure everyone has found out all of these different attributes and personalities make for a very interesting time in and out of the classroom. Students involved in FFA share just as much range in their personalities. Students truly take the work of the organization to heart here at Mohawk High School as they engage in a variety of different activities from conferences through fundraisers and other activities pertinent to the organization. During my time here, I got to work with approximately fifty students in the FFA on anything from skill building contests like Parliamentary Procedure and Speeches through fundraisers unique to the chapter like sausage sales. There is never a boring day that goes by!

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Last but certainly not least, my time here at Mohawk has shown me that teaching is hard and teaching agriculture is extremely hard but it is not an area that we need to go through on your own. We all have friends and family that we find supportive in their own way and I believe that this semester I have extended my family into a much larger circle of people. Lean on the community! No they can't come in and teach the class for you but they are the next best thing! Many of the members of the community love the program and are more than willing to share anything  they can to help it succeed. My time here at Mohawk has shown me to ask questions and favors. Ask the other teacher in your department if you have one, the teachers across the hall, the administration, families in the community, and last but not least, the students. Believe it or not, there are students who are truly invested in their education and that leads me to my final point; give students opportunities for experience. This year I had the opportunity to allow two students the chance to teach the class; one loved it and the other hated it. However they still learned from it. Giving students the keys to control their own futures is a must and a possibility in our field! That is why I love Agriculture Education!!!!!

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