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The Most Powerful Words

Blog Post created by Kaitlin Liszka on Apr 25, 2020

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This is where I am supposed to write a meaningful blog post that sums up my student teaching experience and is a big overall reflection. I know this will come as a shocker to many, but I'm not gonna do what I am supposed and go by my own rules here because I'm not quite ready to do that. (That was sarcasm by the way, I rarely follow the status quo when it comes to completing my assignments.) I'm still to in the trenches to look back and say what the big takeaways of what I learned are. I need some space to step away and reflect back, so this post will not be the one the that sums up the beginnings of Miss. Liszka's Teaching Adventures. Instead it will be just like my other posts, a wrap up of one more week.

I believe the things we repeatedly hear or read are what we believe, which is why it is so important that we are working to build each other, but that has also made me intentional about the messages that I hang in places that I always see. I have two signs in my living room that I see pretty much consistently and NEED the reminders that are handing their.

One sign says "When in doubt, just Pray" dad the other says "I Choose Joy".



When times are tough and I am riding the emotional roller coaster I talked about last week, I need those reminders. This week was an especially rough emotional roller coaster, that I really wasn't expected.

I luckily put more intention into my mental health by I repotting a bunch of things I got from the greenhouse, delivering some earth day peppers to my neighbor, dusting off my guitar for the one billionth time (maybe quarantine will actually get me to learn how to play), and going on a run. When I bought my soil and Monday when I started to repot, I had not idea what the rest of my week was gonna bring.

I capped off my student teaching experience losing someone I cared about a lot and who helped foster my love of a lot of things, including agriculture, my grandfather. He is the reason I think making maple syrup is so intriguing and why I love the smell of the woodshop. He also is a part of the musical talent that I cling to when times are rough comes from. I guess you could say that he helped inspire me to want to teach because I want everyone to have the smile inducing memories I have when I think of those things.

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This extra emotion roller coaster combined with not really having human interaction for the past month has made me extra crabby and extra snappy. Those who I am closest to can definitely attest to that because unfortunately it has come out on them, even though none of it is their fault.

There is another sign in my living room that I also had in the classroom while I student teaching because I truly believe it to be true and want my students to understand the message as well. It says "The most powerful words to change the world: I'm Sorry". This week has definitely been a week of putting those words into practice and I pray that I someday will be able to teach my students the power of putting pride aside to use those words through my example.

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I think though that the most powerful words are actually the ones that you continue to let into your mind because those are the words that will shape your thoughts and who are are. So I hope that you are filling your mind with messages to help build you up and inspire you to change the world!

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