Brandon Witmer

My Final Student Teaching Reflection

Blog Post created by Brandon Witmer on Apr 24, 2020

And just like that... Today is the final day of student teaching. I can't believe it. This semester has flown by and has taken a turn that I never could have imagined. I never would have thought that this would be the way student teaching would end. Although, through these unfortunate times, I have grown even more as an educator and learned so many more great things through distance learning. There has been an overwhelming number of resources that has been shared and I can't wait to use them in the future. 


Student teaching was not like anything I could have expected. Going into this, there are so many fears and concerns. So many questions. But all of that worrying and stress was for nothing. This was an amazing experience. Yes, there were many challenges and stresses for preparing the right lesson and planning for the next week. But it was all worth it. I might not have been able to teach all of the lessons and units I wanted, but that's okay! All of the time and energy that has gone into this experience was worth it. I just can't believe that it is already over. 

Favorite Moments

I actually have two favorite moments. The first one may come surprising to some but it was actually during the welding unit. If you know me, Ag Mechanics is not my area of strength but I had a lot of fun with this unit. I learned so much. Not only about the process and theory but how to teach it. I have a lot to work on but what made it all worth it was the students. Listening to students tell me how terrified they are of welding and trying to get out of class was something else! But after a lot of convincing and watching those same students weld... That made it all worth it. To see a student's attitude change and then realize that, this is actually pretty cool. That type of reaction then motivates me to want to become better at welding so that this can become even more meaningful. 


My second favorite moment happened during National FFA Week. We hosted an event, Koins for Kindler. A recent graduate of Conneaut Area FFA was diagnosed with leukemia. The students decided to support her in every way we can as a chapter. We sold over 250 these awesome shirts and raised so much money for the family. As a student teacher, it was amazing to see everyone come together from not only the chapter but throughout the entire school to show support for a student. That is what FFA is all about. I was so happy and thankful that I had a chance to be apart of this. 


To My Cooperating Center 

Conneaut Area FFA has something really special, the students. Yes, the staff at Conneaut is awesome and there are so many great teachers in the building. Thank you to all of the teachers for the positive words of advice and encouragement through my student teaching! Every class I have had the privilege of teaching, there are so many great students who I know are going to achieve so much. Thank you to all of the students who were patient with me as I worked through learning how to teach! I am sure some lessons were rough but thanks to all of your support and positive attitudes, this made my student teaching internship that much better. I miss all of you! I really wish that my student teaching would have ended in a better way. But I promise I will do my absolute best to make it to next year's banquet! 


To My Cooperating Teacher 

Ms. Metrick, thank you so much for everything. Thank you so much for your patience, support, and wealth of knowledge. Going into student teaching, I was not very sure if I wanted to teach but after this experience, this is where I want to be. All thanks to the experiences from your classroom, students, and program. You really do have an amazing program. I had so much fun learning not only how to teach and how to do so many things but also how to be an amazing advisor. I had no idea that allowing students to throw pies into your face was in the job description! I promise that was another favorite moment too! I feel lucky that I was able to be your first student teacher! Thank you for everything! 



Thank You Conneaut Area FFA! 


To #PSUAgEd20 

We did it! Congratulation #PSUAgEd20 Cohort! What an incredible ride! Everyone in this cohort is so amazing. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone grow on social media during student teaching. Seeing all of you do so many great and different things during student teaching helped me so much. Whether you are going into the classroom or into the industry, all of you are going to be outstanding leaders in this amazing field. I am so happy that I have had the chance to grow and experience this process with all of you!