Final Thought on Student Teaching!

Blog Post created by Manny on Apr 22, 2019

My time at Pequea Valley High School has come to an end. The past 15 weeks have been a journey with student teaching! I had the privilege to work with two amazing teachers, Doug Masser, and Jasmine VanSant. I have learned a ton from them and from the nearly 80 students I interacted with. 


I had a lot of fun with student teaching, but it wasn't all games and laughter. It was a lot of work! Every day I would do some sort of planning, grading, or reading all pertaining to student teaching. One of the biggest lessons I learned was the importance of staying organized. My first couple of weeks was a little chaotic because I didn't have a set way of staying organizes, but that quickly changed when I became aware of how you staying organize benefits your students!

Another great I learned was the importance of student rapport! Building those relationships in the first few weeks of you being there is crucial! By having a solid relationship helped me with classroom management and setting expectations. I can honestly say I had no behavior issues with the students and I think much of that is from building student rapport. The one thing I am going to miss most about student teaching is my students! 


Student teaching is a time where you get to experiment teaching styles! I was able to figure out what I like and dislike about teaching, and reflected on the type of teacher I would like to be in the future!


Student teaching is over, but the experience will last a lifetime!