Olivia Thomas

BBC's "Follow the Food"

Blog Post created by Olivia Thomas on Mar 17, 2021

In BBC’s new program, “Follow the Food,” renowned botanist James Wong explores how we can feed the world’s ever-growing population, all the way from farm to fork. Especially timely due to COVID-19’s impact on our food chain, the show episodes look at farming, science, technology, and consumer behaviors to determine how we can feed the world without harming our planet.



The program episodes can be streamed free of charge from the BBC Follow the Food website. Further, the website contains articles and deep dives on climate change, vertical/urban farming, regenerative farming, data-driven farming, food security, precision farming, and many other topics. These episodes can be great topic introductions, lesson wrap-ups, and an in-class conversation starter for educators. Since episodes are free of charge, don't require a cable or satellite subscription, and require no login information, they can also be great for distance learning.
Website: https://www.bbc.com/future/bespoke/follow-the-food/