Parker Bane

Building our Future

Blog Post created by Parker Bane on Sep 24, 2020

National Teach Ag Day was a wonderful celebration!  Now that the excitement has passed, it's time to remember that recruiting and retaining the next generation professionals in agriculture education is a task that requires year-round commitment.  NAAE is at the forefront of this effort.  


Not only do we have the National TeachAg Campaign, but  the resources that the association offers are magnetic to talent.  Teachers can obtain top quality professional development and opportunities for professional advancement through the Lead and Master Teacher program.  The Award and professional development cohort programs that NAAE offers also provide value for our members.  


However, the best resource that NAAE offers is the ability to network with other professionals just like you.  I've found that the professional relationships that the association facilitates are one of the most valuable recruitment and retention tools that we have.  You have power, through your relationships, to recruit outstanding new talent to the profession.  Furthermore, your encouragement can make the difference in retaining educators.  


Its up to all of us to make every day Teach Ag Day!