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Jason Kemp

?The Road I Have Traveled?

Posted by Jason Kemp Nov 13, 2019

Fellow NAAE members,

I have always found it interesting how unique but yet similar agriculture teachers are to one another in their daily educational endeavors. When I first began my career as an agriculture teacher I had farmed for several years before going to the classroom. Upon arriving in the classroom I was unsure of what to expect from a generation of students in a classroom with around 80% removed from the family farm.
I have always been one to find the need for relevance in everything we teach or engage in. So, my task for helping students find relevance in agriculture was the challenge and one that we all face even more so in today’s classrooms. I have found that if we as educators reveal the relevance of why we are teaching our daily classroom lesson, the better response we will receive from our students.
I have found in my travels during my time with NAAE that Ag teachers are very much the same way all across the United States and that is so unusual in any profession. I have found so many of the same similarities among individuals that have never met each other but their compassion for teaching students about agriculture is identical. Their respect for their fellow ag teachers are superior and their need to find relevance is engraved in their actions and mythology of teaching.
I want to take just a moment to thank you for your compassion for the agriculture classroom and your willingness to help students beyond the classroom to be the best they can possible be as citizens. You make a difference each and every day you enter your classroom and I hope you never lose the compassion for teaching, but pass it on to our next generation of teachers that will replace all of us one day. When you stop and think about it, we as ag teachers have the ability to train each other’s future replacement. So perhaps the common thread that I have found so unique and true across the United States in agriculture teachers are; we instill love, compassion, dedication, respect, and guidance to our students unlike any other teaching profession known.
NAAE members, thank you for always making me and my family feel as if we were part of yours as we traveled to your state to visit and thank you for trusting in me to help lead this great organization. It has truly been a tremendous honor and privilege to serve you as an NAAE officer for the past 6 years with the last year serving you as your president.
I would like to wish each of you a safe travels to Anaheim as we take this opportunity to recognize the great and outstanding work our fellow agriculture teachers do across the United States, engage in professional development and learn ways to make our daily walk of life in the classroom greater and more relevant than ever before.
May God bless you and your family.

See you in Anaheim!!!

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