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Seeking Candidates for Teacher Position on the National FFA Organization Board of Directors

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Nov 2, 2018

Agriculture Teachers:


NAAE is seeking agriculture teacher candidates to serve a 3-year term on the board of directors of the National FFA Organization.  This 3-year term of service will begin July 1, 2019 and conclude June 30, 2022.  As set forth in the attached Memorandum of Understanding (attachment #1) between the US Department of Education and the National FFA Organization, the agriculture teacher representative will be a representative of the US Department of Education.  Additional documents are attached to explain the responsibilities for National FFA Organization board members and as well as FFA organizational documents (attachments #2-6).  Candidates may also choose to review minutes of National FFA Organization Board of Directors meetings here …


Candidates for this position must submit their credentials to the NAAE office no later than 5:00 pm Eastern time on Wednesday, November 14, 2018.  E-mailed and/or faxed documents are acceptable.


The following completed documents are required of all candidates:


  • cover letter expressing interest in this position
  • resume highlighting experiences and expertise
  • Memorandum of Agreement Teacher 2018 (attachment #7 … signed by candidate and candidate’s administrator)
  • BOD Teacher Contact Information Form (attachment #8)


From among all applicants, the NAAE Board of Directors will select three nominees to send forward to the US Department of Education and to the National FFA Organization Board of Directors.  The US Department of Education and the National FFA Organization Board of Directors will make the final selection from among the three NAAE nominees.


Candidates may scan and e-mail completed documents to the NAAE office at or fax completed documents to (859) 323-3919.


Please direct questions about the National FFA Board of Directors to Dr. Steve Brown at


Please direct questions about submitting your credentials to me at


Thank you.




Wm. Jay Jackman, Ph.D., CAE

Executive Director

National Association of Agricultural Educators

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Lexington, Kentucky  40546-0215

Office: (859) 257-2224 or (800) 509-0204

Cell: (859) 619-4990

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