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Getting the Most out of Your NAAE Membership!!

Blog Post created by Jason Kemp on Feb 8, 2018

This is an article from the February 2018 edition of NAAE’s News & Views Newsletter. To read News & Views in its entirety, please visit this link.


Now that you have joined the team of professional agricultural educators, I would like to express the importance of your membership and how you have access to numerous benefits that can help you daily, as a professional.


First, I would like to make sure that everyone understands how easy it is to get to your membership area page on the NAAE website.



From the NAAE homepage follow these simple steps:

  • From the homepage task bar find: Members (click)
  • NAAE Membership Benefits, Services & Programs (click)
  • Then click the area that pertains to your membership from the quick links provided:
    • Benefits for Individual Members
    • Benefits for Student Members
    • Benefits for Organizational Members
    • Benefits for State Affiliates

After going through those steps you should arrive at your membership area of interest.


There are many advantages to your membership that you will find beneficial to you as an educator. Being in unison with your fellow members within the same profession carries a stronger voice when it comes to motivating others outside our profession to see things maybe in a different perspective.



Your NAAE membership allows you to take part in numerous professional development workshops at national convention (like our president stated in his letter, we had 85 workshops this past convention in Nashville), but as well as multiple opportunities throughout the year.


As a member, you have network connections through Communities of Practice (CoP) with over 9,000 members, allowing you to make connections with other agricultural educators from all over the United Sates. CoP is a great place to post ideas, have discussions, and share techniques for creating a better ag program.



Becoming a member allows you to have access to professional awards and grant opportunities to receive state and national recognition for your program.



New members have the benefit of a free -- that’s right free -- two full-year life insurance policy at no cost just by becoming a member. Members will have $100,000.00 in-dues professional liability insurance coverage with two upgrade options if you feel the need for additional coverage. 


As a member, you will also be able to take advantage of hotel discounts of 15% for participating hotels you will need to visit your MyNAAE page for your discount code.


It is always important to have our voice of interests represented involving government affairs that impact agricultural education. NAAE has representatives on several national boards to represent your interests and concerns. If you are interested in getting involved please visit our leadership and volunteer opportunities page.


As you can see, NAAE has a lot of resources and benefits for its members, and I strongly encourage you to take advantage of these benefits and allow NAAE to help you
take your program to the next level.


Board and Staff update: The NAAE staff and board members are gearing up for our annual winter board meeting scheduled for March 3rd and 4th, followed by the National Policy Seminar (NPS) meeting scheduled March 5th through the 7th, in Washington, D.C., where we will be meeting up with many of you who will be in attendance. During NPS we will have the opportunity to hear the latest updates in the field of agricultural education. Afterwards, make our way to Capitol Hill to advocate for agricultural education with our stateand national representatives.


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