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Making the Life of an Ag Teacher a Little Bit Easier – Communities of Practice

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Sep 13, 2017

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copimage.jpgWe’re all busy. Well, “busy” might actually be an understatement, but is there even a word that encompasses everything we do as ag teachers? From lesson planning, to CDE prep, banquet planning, advisory board meetings, and the email your principal just sent about needing you to volunteer to sell concessions at Friday night’s football game – it never ends.


While our calendars are filling up with personal and professional duties, it is a relief to know that the ag education family is an excellent resource and support group. Thanks to NAAE’s Communities of Practice, ag teachers are able to share ideas, lessons, tips, and so much more! Since its update last summer, CoP now offers many new features that help make it even more user-friendly, including better organization and structure, and a search bar that populates what you are looking for as you type. Even though it may take a few extra minutes of your valuable time, the new CoP is definitely worth a look!


To check out the new Communities of Practice site, click here.


As you are taking a quick check of your phone in between class periods, wouldn’t it be great if there was a notification that some kind soul just posted an entire animal science lesson plan, PowerPoint, resource guide and assessment on the internet? Well, with the newly-released Communities of Practice mobile app, that wish can be a reality.


Through push notifications, you can have the lesson plans you’ve left sitting on the back burner at your fingertips in seconds. Looking for the most updated rules and regulations for Parliamentary Procedure? Need a PowerPoint about the elements of floral design? What about a diagram of the skeletal structure of a dairy cow? DONE, with one quick tap! So now, instead of spending your hall duty arguing with the gym teacher about who will win this weekend’s football game, you can now use those couple of extra minutes to search for next week’s lessons.


All you need to get Communities of Practice on your mobile device is to download the Jive Daily App for FREE in the AppStore or Google Play. Then, enter into the first prompt box and sign in with your CoP account login information (enter your user name, not your email address when prompted). It is as easy as that, and now you have exactly what you need right at your fingertips! (You can also access our step-by-step instructions – with pictures – here.)


We hope you enjoy the new Communities of Practice, with all of its upgraded features. If you have any questions about using CoP, or setting up an account, please contact CoP administrator Julie Fritsch at


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