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New Assignment Position Open in Farmer to Farmer Program

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Jun 14, 2017

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Help Review and Develop Ag Curriculum in Uganda


f2f.jpgThe Farmer to Farmer Program in East Africa, a special initiative supported by NAAE, is seeking an individual who would like to help review and develop agricultural curriculum in Uganda.


Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda’s economy – 80% of the population finds their livelihood in agriculture. The country’s government is aware of the urgency to develop knowledge and skills in agriculture and has made a considerable investment in agricultural curriculum development, teaching materials, and teacher training. Their goal is to provide an improved agricultural education system to help educate its people.


The main objective of this assignment is to review the agricultural curriculum at Kyambogo University for practicality, methodology, and their student internship program. Specifically, the volunteer would look at:


  • Developing guidelines for teaching practical components of the syllabus and which align with the secondary school curriculum and publishing the guidelines
  • Developing internship guidelines based on curriculum and the desired skills set to be acquired by the students during this period
  • Review of the existing internship assessment tool and adapt it to the guidelines above
  • Give input on the extension component of the syllabus and particular elements that need to be added/subtracted to produce a teacher who will deliver as part job market requirements and adapt knowledge acquired in class appropriately. This also involves the development of a document detailing recommended revision in the extension component of the syllabus
  • Training of trainers to support implementation and adoption of the guidelines (practical, extension and internship guidelines)
  • Developing an assessment guide to ensure that skills are effectively transferred.


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Contact Julie Fritsch for information regarding the application process.