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NAAE Awards – It’s YOUR Time to SHINE!

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Apr 5, 2017

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trophy.jpgWe’ve all seen it. We’ve read it. We know it’s there.


NAAE maintains an extensive awards program to recognize the accomplishments of our many talented and dedicated members. We have awards for agricultural educators in every stage of their careers, from scholarships to lifetime achievement.


As we are helping our students prepare for Career Development Events, filling out Proficiency award applications, writing letters of recommendation, completing degree and various other award and scholarship applications, along with a laundry list of a million other things we have to do before the end of the school year; it can be hard to find time to even think about our accomplishments as agriculture teachers. Pretty ironic, huh?


Now is the time to let your light shine – showcase your hard work by filling out a NAAE award application.


Darla Romberger, agriculture teacher at Cumberland Valley High School, in Mechanicsburg, Pa., was the Region VI Outstanding Young Member award recipient in 2016 and feels that receiving a NAAE award is a great opportunity to highlight her early career achievements.


“Receiving this award was a nice recognition of what I had accomplished in my first four years as an agriculture teacher,” said Romberger. “It was great to be recognized by others for what I have accomplished so far.”


No matter where you are in your teaching career, NAAE has an award program that recognizes your numerous achievements. From the Teachers Turn the Key Scholarship award program, to our Lifetime Achievement and Teacher Mentor awards, we want to recognize YOU for the difference you are making in your students’ lives, in your communities, and in the agricultural education profession.


For Chris Martin, agriculture teacher at Columbia Central High School, in Columbia, Tenn., being a part of the 2016 Teachers Turn the Key Scholarship award program helped elevate his confidence as an agriculture teacher.


“It was really great to be around other agriculture teachers who are in the same stage of their careers as me,” said Martin. “It helped me to realize I am not alone and gave me the boost I need at this point in my career.”


NAAE award applications are due by May 15th – but time is of the essence! Make sure you are working on your application now, so you aren’t burning the midnight oil.


“If you are being nominated by fellow agriculture teachers, it means something special,” said Melinda Tague, agriculture teacher at Norman High School, in Norman, Okla., and 2016 NAAE Region II Teacher Mentor and Ideas Unlimited award recipient. “Even when it means you have to fill out another application, it is so worth it.”


NAAE award recipients are recognized at our annual convention, which is in Nashville, Tenn. this year. In addition to the recognition, you are able to attend a variety of specialized professional development workshops at the convention to help revitalize your career and classroom – an awesome added benefit of being a NAAE award recipient!


So what are you waiting for? Ok, yes finding the time between everything mentioned above and your own personal life, but don’t forget! Make sure you carve out a couple of hours between now and May 15th to recognize yourself! As ag teachers, it is hard to brag on yourself – you want to stay humble and that is a wonderful quality to have, but now is your time to SHINE! Be a star in Nashville!


For more information about the NAAE Awards Program, follow this link.


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