Julie Fritsch

Take Your Ag Ed Skills International with Farmer to Farmer

Blog Post created by Julie Fritsch on Feb 12, 2016

If traveling overseas and helping farmers in developing countries learn appeals to you, consider signing up for the Farmer to Farmer program through NAAE. This is a 5-year initiative that relies on technical assistance from U.S. farmers, educators and others to help farmers in developing countries improve productivity, access new markets and conserve environmental and natural resources.


How Does it Work?

Farmer to Farmer posts assignments that outline each project's timeline and goals. Here are a few currently available assignments:


  • Train and assist on modern crop practices for sorghum, corn & other grain crops. Provide technical assistance on seed quality and seeding methods, farm tilliage, land preparation, crop rotation practices and more. Duration: 2-3 weeks, Preferred dates: Mid June-August 2016
  • Teach college students and junior lecturers about agribusiness development for farmers' cooperative organizations. Duration 3-4 weeks, Preferred dates: February-Mid-June 2016.
  • Train farmers on improved poultry production techniques. Includes basic breeding principles, understanding genetics, id of production birds, culling practices and more.  Duration 2 weeks, Preferred dates: open.


There are more than 30 assignments currently available on the Farmer to Farmer website. If you're interested in the Farmer to Farmer program, visit the program page on the NAAE website to get complete details or contact Julie Fritsch, NAAE Communications/Marketing Director.