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    I remember my father asking me this question many times as a young man. His meaning was slow down, take a breath, and spend some time with those who matter the most. Hopefully all of us were able to do some of this over the holiday season, and I hope just as much it does not become next holiday season before we all take advantage of talking, visiting and making those bonds again with our extended families.


    This coming and going statement can also be used in our everyday lives at this time of the year. State Degrees, Proficiency Applications, Science Fair, new courses for the semester and the list goes on. It just seems there is one thing after another, and for as sorry as I feel for myself sometimes I look at my students who like many of yours in small schools are just going 90 MPH in everything. Get to wrestling or basketball practice, get done and go to play practice, have an early morning CDE practice on Tuesday morning and show choir practice on Wednesday morning. Oh yeah I need to get that scholarship application done as well. March Madness!!!!!!!!!??  Whew, let me get through January first.


      So where am I going with all this? I just wanted to say that the Ag Ed program and FFA that I work in now is a lot different than the one I started in 30 plus years ago. The one constant in all of this though is my wife, children and now grandchildren. Taking time and making time for them has to be a priority in our lives.


      So as we leave January and head into February remember to celebrate CTE month. I am going to do now what agriculture teachers often do best, and that is steal or borrow from someone else. If you read the blog of Region VI Vice President Krista Pontius you will know where I got this, but wow what a great idea!!!!


                So I will issue the same challenge as she did to all of you as well. Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some other social media let's promote agriculture education during this month. I am going to suggest using the exact same delivery dates as she proposed in her blog. Now you can also do this with your local paper or any other means you find useful.


  • Week of February 1st - Learning to Do (Classroom Experiences)
  • Week of February 8th - Doing to Learn (FFA Experiences)
  • Week of February 15th - Earning to Live (SAE Experiences)
  • Week of February 22nd -Living to Serve (Community Service Projects)


        Share your story, share your experiences and above all thank your family.


        I still want to remind you all though that March Madness truly will be upon us soon and one of the best ways you can begin with this is to attend NPS the first week in March. This is a great way to advocate for those things that are near and dear to us, and for you to make a difference in your state leadership. I have students ask me why I am going and I tell them, "I have you doing things to promote agriculture and our program to community and state leaders, why would I not do the same on the next level?"


        So if I see you soon at a conference, NPS, convention, or just passing through the airport, it is ok to ask me if am I coming or going. Because just like family I treasure each and every moment I spend with my extended agricultural education family.



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