Charles Sappington

How to Make Your Program the Best It Can Be

Blog Post created by Charles Sappington on Jun 1, 2015

Now that our school year is coming to a close, we need to be thinking about what we going to do for next year. How are we going to improve our programs so that we move them to the next level?  How are we going to maintain the interest level and give our students something new and exciting to learn? We do not want to fall into the trap of teaching exactly the same thing year after year ....that's too easy!  What we must do is keep increasing our knowledge and skills for the betterment of our programs and our students.  This is where professional development can play a key role in taking your program to the next level. Each year, NAAE provides many opportunities for professional development and hits timely topics that can improve our programs. These opportunities exist at regional conferences, National FFA Convention, and at NAAE convention and can supplement our programs in so many ways.

Another way to participate in a major professional development is to sign up for a CASE Institute -- in my mind, the best way to take your program to the next level.  I participated in the Plant Science Institute last year and I am enrolled in the Animal Science Institute this summer. I can personally attest to the benefits of CASE.
These programs can energize both young and experienced teachers by helping them to incorporate the latest tools and concepts into their program.

As you plan your curriculum for next year, think new, think different, think innovative, and make your program the best it can be.


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