Charles Sappington

An Opportunity NOT an Obligation

Blog Post created by Charles Sappington on Apr 2, 2015

So many times our NAAE members get elected to a position in their state's leadership and then have tasks assigned to them. We, of course, are pleased to perform these tasks because it is expected of us and we understand the importance of doing things to better our organization, but sometimes it can feel more like an obligation than an opportunity.

The NAAE board and staff provide our members opportunities to serve and grow in their professional leadership. This is being done two ways. The first is the revised committee processes, which allows members to serve on committees and help improve our organization without having to go to conventions and conferences.  Another opportunity members can take advantage of, right now, is through judging NAAE award applications. Members have the opportunity to judge awards for some of the nation's finest agriculture teachers. This opportunity serves two purposes; the first being our members get to play a part in deciding who we recognize at our national convention. Secondly, by judging these awards, our members may choose an area to judge where they may want to apply for in a few years.  This way a member can look at the "best of the best" applications and get ideas that may help them reach milestones in their own careers. 

The NAAE office is seeking members, right now, who want to take advantage of the opportunity to judge NAAE awards. If you are interested, contact Alissa Smith at the NAAE office, and she can get you included in the judging process.

Now it's up to you.  Do you want to get involved at the grassroots level and see your work as an opportunity, not an obligation? I would hope so, and I believe this process and opportunity will only make our great organization stronger.


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