Charles Sappington

It's Your Time to Shine

Blog Post created by Charles Sappington on Feb 3, 2015

Each year, during the spring semester, we are really busy getting our students ready for awards and scholarship applications, but don't forget about yourself! It is your time to shine too!

The process for preparing for NAAE awards this year is different from past years.  Now, you must log on to the NAAE website and register your email address and a password. Once this is done, you can go to the NAAE award section and click on Apply for an Award.  At this juncture you may encounter a problem; if you have not paid your NAAE dues yet, or your state's dues remitter has not turned in your name and your dues to the NAAE office, you will not be allowed to open an award application.  This step in the process greatly aids the staff at the NAAE office because they will not have to check and see if each award applicant is a current, dues-paying member. When you are ready to send in your application in for your state's judging, you will need to print out your documentation and award application cover letter and send it to your state association.  If you are selected as your state's winner, you will need to hit submit button (if you did not do so earlier), so that all your materials for that award will be sent to the NAAE office for processing.

Applications should be available in early February. This award application process is just another way the staff at the NAAE office has made the NAAE website more functional and more user-friendly.  I hope this process makes it easier for all our members and I hope you make the decision this year that it is YOUR TIME TO SHINE!