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Change in NAAE Committee Structure Brings Opportunities for More Meaningful Input by Members

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Dec 15, 2014

In an effort to improve the way NAAE committees work and make the most of the time and expertise of those who volunteer to serve on committees, the NAAE board recently approved a proposal to change the committee structure and process.

This change brings new opportunities to get involved in NAAE committee work. Please take a moment to learn about the changes and how you can get involved.

Each committee will be comprised of three members from each NAAE region (a total of 18 committee members), with a chair and secretary elected by the committee membership from within those 18 committee members. At least one NAAE board member, as well as one NAAE staff member will also be assigned to each committee as ex-officio, non-voting consultants to the committees.

Committee members will be appointed to 3-year terms. Since this is the first year of the new committee structure, each region selected a person to serve a 1-year term, a 2-year term, and a 3-year term. As the terms of service of these initial committee members expire, the replacements will be selected to serve 3-year terms. This is so that there will always be first-year, second-year, and third-year member form each region as the 3-year terms rotate.

Committee meetings will be held by webinar and/or conference call on a regular basis throughout the year. These meetings will be recorded and archived to allow for later review. One meeting will occur between the annual NAAE convention and January 31st. Another meeting will occur between the NAAE summer board meeting and convention. Additional meetings will be held at the chair's discretion. One-hour committee sessions will be held at NAAE convention.

The goal of the new committee structure is to focus efforts and break committee work into meaningful and controllable chunks. The committees will be work units of the organization, and make full use of the time, expertise and commitment of NAAE members and board members to address issues and achieve goals. The rotating membership structure will allow for more committee members to be fully informed of the committee's functions and activities.

Each committee has its own area on Communities of Practice. To learn more about a committee, please click here, then choose a committee from the list. If you are interested in becoming involved in a committee, please contact the committee chair for more information. Committee chairs, secretaries, and members are required to complete a Committee Member Memorandum of Understanding, which clarifies their roles and expectations.

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