Kevin Stacy

"Get Refreshed and Get Ready"

Blog Post created by Kevin Stacy on Jun 2, 2014

The school year is over for most of us, summer break has started, and we are already preparing for the next school year. You probably are working on next year's class schedule, identifying and ordering supplies needed to start the year, and hopefully attending some professional development events. I encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities available to learn new ideas and bring them back to your classroom. Attend your regional conference, one of the many activities offered by educational vendors, and hopefully you applied for a CASE Institute or DuPont Agriscience Ambassador Academy. There are many opportunities out there that can help you make next year's school year even better.

The NAAE staff has worked hard at improving the NAAE website. Based on feedback from the membership, a new website is up and running. Like all change, it will take time to become familiar with all that it has to offer. Check it out, it is a place you can find anything you need to advocate for agricultural education, improve your lesson plans, order NAAE materials, or just see what is going on in the agricultural education world.

Spring arrived in some areas with a bang. Storms and fire left its mark on some of our members. The NAAE has provided some funds through the relief fund to some of our members. In my time on the board, that is one of the best ideas that ever came out of a national meeting. I hope you have some kind of activity planned for your regional meetings that will support that fund.

Charlie and myself will be attending the regional conferences held this summer. I always look forward to attending those events. It is where we gather information, network with other agricultural education advocates, and see and learn about agriculture and agricultural education in those locations. Some of my best friends were made during those conferences. I have not missed a Region 2 conference in 20 years. If you have never attended your regional conference, I encourage you to start your 20 year streak this year. Take your family, it is a perfect opportunity to get refreshed.

Remember to tell your story, it is our best advocate tool.